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Exploring emotions

Anger, annoyance, antagonism, moodiness and dwelling in a victim mentality all very negative and self sabotaging behaviours and yet many of us find ourselves here without too much effort. What is it that brings us to this place and how do we move forward from here?

I believe often we as humans become stuck as such on an outcome or desire that closes us off to all other possibilities. When this happens we are not open to circumstances being variable and as such these negative behaviours rear their ugly presence and rob us of the full experience that we could be having if it were not for this fixated thought process. We more or less block out everything else around us that does not fit the prospectus of what we want which is unfortunate as we unwittingly then rob ourselves of experiencing the wonders of what could be fully.

We roll through life in this manner carrying character traits and behaviours that leave us lost and wounded, it leaves us often self sabotaging our own success in our striving for this perfectionism that we have set our sites on. We continue this way until we simply hit a brick wall. No matter what way we turn nothing is working, nothing flows and it truly does feel like rock bottom. This can be devastating in so many ways, for when we get to this point we have no choice but to relearn all we ever thought we knew and wanted to be able to get up and move again in a forward direction. Ultimately this is beneficial for us, it is just unfortunate that the majority of people to not have the ability to do this before they get to the point of being so low that it leaves no other option.

Often the road back from this very low place takes us on an exploration journey where we unwittingly seem to start resonating in a space with a much more open mindset. We find that by releasing the energy blocks that we have created, turning about our negative thoughts and embarking on a healthier lifestyle that we naturally start to find the balance that is so needed. With this balance we find ourselves being more assertive, enterprising, fair and self-reliant. Basically we become a much nicer person with an outlook on life that is complete with an understanding of the good and bad. We learn that we are not a victim of life but simply experiencing temporary discomfort as we journey through on our never ending exploration of living, experiencing and growing to ultimately be the best possible version of ourselves that we can be,

Miracles happen


I am looking for people who are willing to participate in a case study using alternative healing methods.

Release the restraints of inflexibility from the safety of your own home as we work through a set agreed schedule to assist you into a way of life where you can experience a fearlessness, flexibility and optimism that has long evaded you.

All those wishing to participate in this case study will receive a full 30% off the total cost of services. Conditions apply, please contact me directly for more information.

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