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Who is your Favourite Child?

Unconditional Love

Who is your favorite child?

I have been asked this time and time again….who of your three kids is your favorite?

When I say they are all my favorite I get the resounding “NO…..everybody has a favorite, who is yours?” I insist that I do not have a favorite…..and I really truly do not, this is why….

I have a girl, my first born, from a previous marriage. She is amazingly beautiful and smart, funny, little, (as in shes 5’2”) but is a firecracker. When they said big things come in small packages they had a picture of her by that quote. She and I went through some hard times. Times where I had 4 fishsticks and a box of macaroni and cheese to feed her and I, but she wanted her friend to come eat dinner with us. So she did. We went through times when I had no idea how I was going to pay the rent, or how I was ever going to provide for her. But we made it. Her and I against the world. She is my firstborn, she taught me how to be a Mom, even with all the mistakes I made. She made me laugh when I needed it and hugged me when I cried. She pulled me through some dark times because I knew I had to keep going….for her. Now I have been blessed with three amazing grandsons from her that will have my heart forever.

Now she understands what it’s like to be a Mom. Unconditional love. I love her unconditionally.

I have a girl, my second born. She is also amazingly beautiful, smart, funny, has a heart the size of Texas. When she was little she was so easy to take care of, very sweet and lovable. When she was in kindergarten her teacher asked if she could come all day instead of just the half day like other kids. She excelled in school but is soooooo much a perfectionist! She would cry and tear up her papers if they were not perfect. She wanted to be perfect in everything she did. As she grew older she accumulated tons of friends and it was so much fun watching them have fun making videos and having mud fights. She went to college and worked hard and graduated in 4 years. Now that she is an adult, this girl wants to take care of everyone, sometimes to the detriment of herself. She will work herself to the bone for a cause she believes in. But watch out when she gets tired, or hungry. She is the reason the definition of hungry was invented. (And the reason that to this day I always keep a granola bar in my purse) She never gives up when she is fighting for something, be it a cause or a relationship. She does so much for everyone, making sure that whoever you are you feel special. This girl makes me laugh with her silly antics and amazing personality. She is the best road trip buddy ever. She teaches me every day with her wise words and her outlook on life. Her love of nature and animals is incredible. She has so much love in her heart and gives it freely to anyone who will accept it. She will be an amazing Mom one day.

She is the middle child-and I also love her unconditionally.

I have a boy-my third child. My favorite boy in the whole world. He is handsome, he is extremely intelligent, he makes me laugh, heck he makes everyone laugh with his amazing sense of humor. He is kind beyond words and has a huge heart. When he was little he had the blondest hair and the biggest blue eyes. All the girls and ladies were just in love with him. He was little and kind of skinny and scrawny when he was 5 and 6. He had these bony knees and little skinny legs. He played baseball and got hit in the face with the ball- he got hit the wrong way in school and got a broken leg, and then he got shingles when he was only 12. He had lots of friends, sometimes good ones, sometimes bad ones. But he learned from both of them. When he got into high school he shot up in height and his shoulders got broader. He was 6’4 when he graduated and is taller now. He was asked to play football that wasn’t his thing. He loves music. Always has. So we got him a guitar and lessons and he still plays to this day. He wrote me a song when I got laid off from my job. And he sang it to me that day and made me cry… was so sweet. He always takes up for the little guys, and sometimes got in trouble for it, but he didn’t care. Because of his size he had his share of guys picking on him. He got in a fight once, slammed a guy into the ground. But because of his EMT training in school he was able to patch the guy up and make sure he was okay. Pretty selfless act on his part. He is a man now, making his own way and living the life he chooses to live. When he hugs you it feels like a big bear hug.

He is my baby-he is my son-and I also love him unconditionally.

So you see each of my kids holds a special place in my heart.

One doesn’t replace the other, I could not possibly love one more than the other. They all have special gifts, traits and personalities. They all make me proud, they all make me smile, cry or want to scream sometimes.

I love them all…..and I always will…..unconditionally….

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