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Surrender to your Authenticity

Release Limited Perceptions, Open to Unlimited Possibilities

Do you ever feel bound, like you have this huge purpose and yet you are dictated and shaped to be something different? It is as if your life you have spent at the bidding of lifestyle and others and have never truly opened to seeing or recognizing what it is that you want / need, that you just tell yourself you are happy and work through the daily routines of work, family, friends and responsibilities. That is not to say you are unhappy by any means but what if you let yourself dream for one moment, to let go of the mindset that tells you that those dreams or ideas are ridiculous to just IMAGINE ... to let yourself visualize in your own mind what that might feel or look like.

Where would you be?

What would you be doing?

How would you be doing it?

How would you be feeling?

How would other's treat you?

How would you treat yourself?

How brightly would you shine?

Don't let yourself get in the way of this either!

Let go of the voice within that is saying'yer, but ...' or 'I could never' or 'that is insane' or the million other things that little voice can tell you that then sabotages you, even down to your intimate thoughts. Just let go for a minute and pretend you are unlimited and can do ANYTHING.

Now that you are here just take a couple of nice DEEP breaths, this will help to release unnecessary tension, clear the hesitation and allow you to now voyage to where your dreams would like to take you. You don't need anyone to help you with this, it is all about you, it is about finding your own truth and sometimes it can be a bit tricky to start out and you don't have a compass but you have to start ... in starting you are making progress. Remember, you are only dreaming about where you want to be and how you want to feel, I am not asking you to do anything more than that (at this stage!).

From here, you are on this journey now, you are letting go and you may have worked through this a couple of times to start now realizing that you can give yourself permission to let it flow easier, to not be waited down and restricted by external issues. Remember, you are just having a vision, seeing yourself in a light that is alternate to this where you are now ... here you are strong, you have embraced your personal power and strength, your gifts, your truth, here in this vision you are amazing in the fact that you are authentic. When all else is stripped away and you see this truth you see potential and this is good.

Give yourself time to integrate with this image within your vision of yourself expressing and becoming ... as you do you are sub-consciously manifesting a new resolve, you are opening yourself to a reality where you can re-embrace this in your waking life, perhaps not in exactly the same context as in your vision but you will be stepping into a journey that reveals new beginnings in absolute truth and when combined with where you are in your daily life you can then start to open to new pathways that merge the two together.

I strongly feel that very few realize their own self-worth. With all that dictates us externally and internally most people are just a shell of the potential that exists within and if you could just see for a moment a glimpse of that then you might realise this, you will find yourself opening to hidden blessing coming forth. It will not be like just suddenly changing your life and everything in it, rather a slow progression of growth, of a truth within and letting go of limited perception of yourself. So valuable and so worth striving for.

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