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Sharing Inspiration, Happy Easter!

Easter Inspiration in Love and Light

For many the Easter weekend is a brilliant opportunity to take extra time, a long weekend, brilliant weather ... what is not to love!

I guess today I just want to share a little more, thoughts from me, from Spirit and perhaps a forging of pathways to deeper connection of the energy and potential of this time of year, the opening to more through simple connection to self and higher-consciousness that evolves and expands one to see beyond the obvious and find authenticity and truth for what it really is.

I am not here to preach, not by any means but more to help you unleash your true brilliance, the ability to dance and express to your uniqueness and the brilliance that only you can offer when you see and fully open to your sacred self. This energy that is around us at the moment is accessible to everyone, it is not just for those on a religious path, the doorways to light consciousness are able to be accessed and worked through by all. This time is so receptive to meditation, to connecting to your higher truth and purpose. It is like there is an electric charge in the air that helps you to manifest your desires, wants, thoughts into reality so when you align this to positive intention through meditation you are essentially plugging into the hyper-drive of your own reality. What is not to love about that!!

For those that would normally struggle with connection to receiving messages from their team, this is your time! Focus on releasing ego, attachment and pre-concieved thoughts around all and open to just be a casual observer as you request help and guidance. Trust what you hear, what you see, what you feel and what you know ... choose to embrace the information that comes forth, choose self-love rather than criticism and resistance. Choose care and compassion for your own truth as you would for those you deeply love and respect around you. This should be a given, you are all you need to be, you are perfect in all your imperfections, you are your own truth evolving and becoming. Fully embrace, align and accept this.

Take residual doubt, anger, cynicism, thoughts of effort not being received by Spirit, take fear, failure and heartache, take helplessness, doubt, pride, resistance, take negativity, insecurity and low self-esteem, take feelings of being unsupported, worry about 'not getting it right' and feeling wounded and lost ... take all this and more, today I encourage you to place this in a box, to wrap this box and to pass this on to your Spirit team in love and in light. Let them know you are done with this, that you are no longer going to reside with these low vibration emotions and feelings, that it is your time to be more and you are ready here and now for the forthcoming journey. This is your time to embrace, to evolve and to recognise your truth in all its amazing-ness. You are enough, anyone can manifest this reality, put forth in your minds eye exactly who and where you want to be, you are heard and working in love and light if you keep working with this you will manifest a reality that aligns you to evolution into abundance and a life that is worthy of your presence. You are a gift to those around you, this is not egotistical but rather recognising the part you have to play in the lives of all you touch. Don't hide, today, this weekend when the energy is so available and ready to be received just embrace opportunity to be more.

May all stay safe in love and in light x

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