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Spirit Animal - Meerkat

Updated: Feb 5

Meerkat, power animal
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The Meerkat, who is he and what does it mean when you feel his presence with or around you?

This little guy above is truly remarkable ... this picture is a mock up of how the card development and progress for this messenger deck is coming forth as they go from hand drawn to scanned in and then created to be oracle cards. Still a lot of work to do but sharing is caring and would love any feedback as you feel guided to bring me!

He is of the element of the earth, he helps to ground and align you to open and honest perception that will bring forth greater clarity and understanding of what is really going on around you or what the energy is that you are connecting to at this time.

The meerkat is aligned to higher senses, deep connection with foresight and premonition so when you feel the meerkat close by it is worth just taking some time out to recognise what message is trying to be delivered, they are excellent at warning of upcoming illness, danger, disharmony and obstacles in general. Learning to trust the meerkat and what your are being shown here is a wonderful way to guide yourself to a life with less 'hiccups' and more flow.


There is a massive community associated with the meerkat also, an understanding that all must work together to help and align to the higher good and potential to come forth for self and others. This understanding that you cannot do it alone. Learn to see realistically and openly the value that comes forth in the family and friends around you, with colleagues, associates and strangers, to align to the positive energy and release that which is toxic and non-beneficial in the bigger picture.

So a quick overview of what to expect in connecting to the spirit animal of the meerkat:

  • Help to align and ground your own energy when feeling 'scattered'

  • Balancing self for alertness, clarity and focus

  • Connecting to the element of the earth for physical healing

  • Understanding upcoming danger, illness or obstacles

  • Connecting to premonition and foresight

  • Aligning to optimal flow in life

  • Understanding own purpose and presence here and now

  • Connecting and networking socially

  • Effective communication pathways

  • Forging pathways to potential and success

  • Releasing toxic relationships and negativity

If this little critter blesses you with his presence (could be him or her!) take note, pay attention and work with this energy, it is truly a gift and something to be worked with that will really benefit in many ways!

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