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Expanding Communication Partners

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Communication, without it we would float and drift, we would disconnect from society and life without the ability to align to anything. I am not just talking about communication through the spoken word, there are so many different forms and ways to connect and get the message across, but what if you were born without the ability to do so, and what if you were not fortunate enough to have someone with the vision and understanding to help you achieve? I am sure many are in this situation and as such their network to expansion and growth is cut, they are unable to fully embrace who they can potentially be simply because the knowledge and pathways to ‘other’ options were not presented.

This post, it is inspired by one of my dearest friends that is an inspiration on a daily basis, despite the challenges she has created a future for her son that is expanding all the time with the knowing and the vision she has. It is nothing short of daily repetition, the student, in learning how to help him then becoming the teacher and then taking that one step further and embracing the journey in a profound understanding of what could come forth if everyone that connected to this child could communicate in the same manner. She has embraced this journey inspired by her son to evolve with him to a place that perhaps she may have never been if it were not for him, here, now she teaches not just her son, family and friends but she teaches the community. There is so much value in knowing and understanding the journey she is on that I encourage you all to watch the attached video, perhaps, even if you feel this is not for you, it will help someone along the line that desperately needs to know there is more, to see that the years of repetition when you work with a child with challenges DOES pay off.

For Tanya and her son Kobe it is a story of growth, it is not just them though, it is growth that impacts through social circles and education, it opens doors not just in helping Kobe believe in himself, to communicate his needs and thoughts, it helps Tanya, her family and extended community awaken to more. It creates a success story that ripples out and through this milestones are reached and with each milestone more possibilities awaken.

This vision, sense of purpose and drive that sees this happen are exceptional in Tanya, there is no doubt that it is her that has changed Kobe’s reality, changed the reality of so many as she continues to teach classes in and around Sydney and interstate within Australia. She teaches the parents, the siblings, the family members, she teaches the support workers and those that connect, in any way, to people with verbal communication difficulties. This story is one that is still young but the possibilities and the potential that resonate from here and ripple out are beyond comprehendible.

I am so fortunate to know Tanya, we have a long history together and what she does, well, I am in awe of. If I can in any way help others to see the possibilities and potential that Key Word Sign can bring to a person, to a family then I will. I am all about holistic health, finding pathways to be the best you can be working with what you have, through expanding knowledge and perceptions. When we ALL work together and align to that same higher purpose, this being to do the best not just for ourselves but for others also, then we will no doubt excel. We will stumble and we will pick ourselves up, we will take another step forward and we will repeat over and over until we find our way through together. Connecting communication partners is what I am doing today, if you need help or inspiration in any way aligned to what is written here then please, contact Tanya or Key Word Sign in your local state through the keyword sign link below.

Expanding communication partners

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