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Spirit Animal - Chameleon

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

The Spirit of the Chameleon is a fascinating and exciting energy for it creates change and aligns to miraculous shift working through the elements of air and earth. It is a process of clear thought and intention connecting through the planetary energy to manifest in line with what you are actively putting forth!

When the Chameleon spirit is with you it is bringing a practical means of willing what you desire into being. A consciousness shift that opens to change the situation you are in through a practical, if not unusual, turn of events.

It is important when you are connecting with this energy to let go of attachment to outcome and perception that bind you to a set path. This is NOT how the chameleon works. The energy is fluent, it looks for the path of least resistance to get you to the vision and align the intention you are putting out. You must be open to receive and exist in a space of believing, of trusting the signs and guidance you are given to open you to the desired outcome.

Connecting to the energy of the Chameleon when you are possibly 'unprepared' - this means you have been wanting change and it presents like a shadow animal to challenge all you are and do into that shift. This unexpected presence can create a lot of confrontation and confusion around you. It is like you are thrown into constant difficulties to face the fears, to face the toxic alignments and energy, situations and people that may be blocking you. You must remember at this time that the storm is cleansing the path forward to create the alignment where you can exist as desired.

There is going to be ups and downs with the spirit of the Chameleon present, but it is a ride you will not forget. It is one of wonder and higher truth. It is a deep understanding of how your thoughts create your reality. It is seeing, feeling and believing that what is not seen is, in fact, very real!

In short, the spirit of the Chameleon:

  • Brings realisation of the power of thought, intention creating your reality

  • Works to align you to the path of least resistance

  • Helps you recognise what is blocking the path forward

  • Opens you to address & ask questions that matter & will create progress for you

  • Is a portal for signs, guidance from spirit to create change in life

Are you ready?

Remember, you can actively call on the spirit of the Chameleon, you don't have to wait for it to present to you! Be very conscious of when it is present and this will better help you handle the shift that is coming forth. Be brave and embrace it! Change is a good thing that opens opportunity to excel ... just be mindful of where you are placing your intention, be positive, proactive and assertive.

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