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Spirit Animal - Flamingo

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The Flamingo, such a magnificent spirit animal that when you connect to it will help you align to that something special within. Being authentic, speaking your truth and not feeling ashamed to do so in a crowd of people is something many people struggle with … the flamingo spirit can help you turn that around.

It was interesting how connecting to that energy whilst drawing this card for my messenger animal deck came through, that realisation of uniqueness and my perception and in turn interpretation of what comes forth being perfect for what is needed at this time. I love how the Flamingo evolved onto the page and came to life, I feel this is what needs to be embraced on a day to day, to just ‘let go’ and allow whatever needs to come forth, naturally and authentically.

Working with the flamingo will also help you to work with the cycles of life. This is a learning journey for all and in saying as much there are lots of beginnings and lots of endings. Each lead into the next and each is a sign of evolution of your soul, of the lessons learnt and of the progress being made. When you can connect consciously with the help of the flamingo to this line of thought you will find that the expansion that comes forth is balanced and aligned to your higher potential rather than a constant flux of inconsistent high’s and lows that leave you mentally and emotionally exhausted.

The energy that radiates with the presence of the flamingo will help you align to positive karmic flow, it is because of that conscious connection to understanding what you are experiencing and maintaining active balance throughout that you open to, almost unwittingly, correct the Akashic alignment that flows with karma and correct to be positive and in doing so absolutely step into new beginnings … another cycle, beginnings associated with your higher purpose and endings associated with releasing from what is not benefiting you.

Work with the flamingo and find resolution to trauma, fear and loss, to stagnancy and recreate your truth, manifest deep commitment to your own journey through realising how you, in your truth, is so perfect and exactly what the world needs right now, this opening pathways to connect to your soul family, to expansion and opportunity that will no doubt be perfectly aligned to where you need to be!

In short, recapping the Flamingo

  • Helps work through the cycles of endings and beginnings

  • Opens you to releasing what is not beneficial and finding balance in the flux of life

  • Connects you to positive karmic flow

  • Aligns you to positive transformation aligned to higher purpose

  • Aligns your frequency to help you be your authentic beautiful self

  • Manifests pathways that connect to soul family

This energy, this truth … take time to meditate, to request the presence of the flamingo, set your intentions and see yourself transform, connect and awaken to where your personal power allows you to embrace life in a way that is perfect for you to evolve!

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