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Spirit Animal - Hippopotamus

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

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The spirit of the Hippo, like an evolution all on its own in relation to helping you find your centre and truth and connect back to where you should be in life!

The Hippo is closely related to the elements of water and fire, the planetary energy of Venus. These influences create an energetic resonance that is quite profound impacting through your emotional and intellectual body's, through your sense of self and connection to inner child. Essentially through connecting with the spirit of the hippo you are opening to be able to release opposition and immerse yourself in a place where you can reconnect with you.

Working with the hippo and intention to manifest positive change for yourself you would put into play a process of emotional release that may be a little tumultuous to work through but the hippo is fantastic at keeping itself grounded and in saying this can do the same for you. Through the ups and downs of release, through the shift and change that comes with letting go of what is not serving you and opening to the new you will awaken to that place where you start realising your own self-worth. From here you connect to purpose, passion, desire and a thirst to want to make life happen.

Who would have thought, the spirit of the hippo, so amazing and blessed is the energy that evolves here. With his ongoing help as you live this path of awakening your own truth and purpose you will also start aligning to soul family that share your desire and passion for life, that can help lift you, watch out for you and share with you the milestones as you tackle them.

The hippo is a remarkable spirit guide to call on and to have around.

Recapping the Spirit of the Hippopotamus:

  • Helps to release non-beneficial emotion and bad habits

  • Connects you back to purpose and passion for life

  • Guides you to heal inner child wounds

  • Aligns to souls truth and alignment to soul family

  • Forges pathways to higher consciousness connection

  • Raises vibration through positive resonance with life

Are you ready for this shift and change? You will be supported and guided, all you need to is ask for the help, intention is everything, positive thought, positive affirmation and trust in the process that follows.

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