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Spirit Animal - Manta Ray

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Manta Ray spirit animal
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It is an interesting thing with the Manta Ray, it would seem that such a graceful and elegant creature would easily make its presence into my associated deck of messenger animals but truth be told I did hesitate for quite some time before committing to bringing it forth.

It has made me think though as I now better understand this energy of the process or releasing I needed to work through to be in the right space. The Manta Ray is associated with the element of water and the energy of the east, this is interesting in the fact that it is like a new beginning associated with cleansing of emotions to better connect to oneness and self-reflection.

To watch a Manta Ray you can just lose yourself in its graceful enormity, the way they glide and make their way through life is truly inspiring, if you can for a moment just visualise how working with this energy would create a flow that connects to exactly that. How resistance would just melt away and you instead connect to a sense of freedom, perfect balance and direction.

The energy here is so soothing that you can find a place that feels safe to release non-beneficial emotions like fear, obsessiveness, torment, anger and overwhelm just to name a few. Through releasing the alignment to these you essentially then can raise your vibration to connect to divine traits and emotions ... hence that energy of the East awakening you to a new day, a new stage in life and new opportunities that will align to that.

It is truly quite limitless what can come forth when deciding to connect to this energy, whether you are trying to release and heal surface level issues or deep soul level issues the Manta Ray is committed to help you navigate your way through and see you into that place to start fresh where deeper resonance with your own authenticity and truth can shine through.

Recapping in short the Manta Ray

  • Associates with the energy of the East and the element of Water

  • Connects you to oneness, wonder and self-reflection

  • Helps to release non-beneficial emotions

  • Aligns you to new opportunities and change

  • Opens you to connect to a deeper authenticity and truth in yourself

Remember with any spirit animal, you don't have to wait for them to come to you, assertively connect with them, set your intention, invite them into your space and allow yourself to resonate in all that comes forth. Be conscious of the shift and change that happens around you and don't give up, finding your way through and connecting to higher levels of consciousness is truly a thing to appreciate.

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2 comentarios

Taylor Warr
Taylor Warr
05 jun 2023

I really enjoyed your summary of manta ray energy. Thank you!

Me gusta
Susan Green
Susan Green
07 jun 2023
Contestando a

Thank you Taylor ☺️

Me gusta
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