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Spirit Animal - Snake

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

The spirit of the snake is remarkable in what it can open you too. When the snake is around you there is an abundance of energy associated with the element of the earth and also air. This is massive in helping you to ground your energy and in turn open to intellectual clarity that combined brings you into a place of focus, motivation and evolution in where you are, to the vision you hold of where you want to be.

If you are finding that you constantly feel scattered, lost for what direction to go in, unable to connect to positive thought and inspiration then calling the snake into your space is invaluable. If you consider the length the snake and how it moves, flows, the senses of the snake are so alert and highly attuned to everything and as they grow they shed their skin to leave what is not fitting anymore behind. If you can work with this same theory to release the attachments that bind you to the past, to open to that expansion freely whilst keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground, it is the ultimate freedom. Grounded, knowing, releasing and healing without the mass trauma that attachment and uncertainty bring.

When you decide to work with the snake, or it comes to you in spirit to help and guide you then you can be assured that change is coming your way. The snake through this ability to ground and focus will help your realise the path through your day to day life of creating a more optimal balance. This is beneficial in mind body and soul. No matter where you are in your journey of life this spirit animal will respectfully show you the way to be a better version of yourself, to step up and into the place you are meant to be.

In short, recapping the Spirit of the Snake:

  • Helps you release negative attachment and trauma

  • Opens you to focus, clarity and motivation

  • Heightens your senses for alertness and recognising opportunity

  • Promotes healing through mind body and soul

  • Grounds you to a realistic perspective

Don't hesitate to call on the spirit of the snake! It has been used for millennium through multiple cultures in healing and religious practices. It is a valuable source of energy to work with and as always, these animal guides are open and there ready for when you are.

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