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Take Charge of Positive Change in Your Life

Are you in a place where you want to connect to your higher potential?

Or perhaps this is a term you keep hearing and wonder 'what does that even really mean'?

Do you consider your life and just know there has got to be more and yet you are clueless on how to manifest that into your reality?

I have reflected a lot on this journey of spiritual awakening, I must constantly drive my team (in spirit) nuts with all the questions I ask, BUT, they are always there for me and continue to support and share what is needed, to help makes sense of the billion different theories and techniques out there that people put forth.

It is funny really because I look at a lot of what is written and documented out there (and there is a LOT of information) and just wonder why it has to be so complicated, like really, we are on a path of awakening and yet we have to go through a routine that is going to take half the day to see any progress and bring forth any potential ... pfffft! Anyone who has got to know me knows that I like to simplify, I want to keep it real, to help people realise that this does not need to be a commitment that is in keeping with taking on a second job, it just takes tweaking your routine, setting some intentions, and consciously being aware of negative patterns and thought processes. The rest will fall into place.

So the first thing to understand is that you are a CONSTANT channel for light energy, wherever you are and whatever you are doing you can consciously (and unconsciously, hence working with positive thoughts and expression to create positive change and alignment) connect to that energy, it doesn't always need to be what I call an 'active' session where you are meditating, or working through some other technique to draw on it. You don't have to be a spiritual guru or even knowledgeable in the area of working with energy, you just need a desire to create positive change for yourself and possibly for others around you.

Now you have heard me say it before and I will say it again .... setting the intention is paramount to creating change. If I were to rate this on a scale of 1 - 10 I would say it is a 10 ... easily. When I set intention I simply ask my Spirit team working in my highest good to work through me in line with the intention I am setting, I don't have to dictate how that is going to come forth I just set the focus on knowing this what needs to happen. It is important to remember that you personally are not the one that creates the change, they are, (whether you call that force God, Spirit, the Universe etc) you inviting this force in basically opens your energy to have them help you and manifest that change and alignment for you.

You know, realistically, you can keep asking for help all day every day, the more you connect to that energy of light and love the more it will evolve around you to help create positive change. Try asking for help from Spirit with:

  • Physical healing,

  • Better communication,

  • Cognitive clarity

  • Helping you to connect to greater potential in whatever area you choose

  • Clearing blocks in your life

  • Help with divine and intuitive knowing

Honestly, you cannot get this wrong, there are no special words to say and you don't have to sit a certain way or chant a particular incantation, if you don't have time for more then work with what you have got and do it where and as you can remember during the day, every day!

Another great way to connect and align to that higher potential in whatever area you are focusing is through your sleep, it honestly doesn't get any simpler than that, we do this daily so it is must a small tweak on that routine you have now!

Set intentions as you go to bed EVERY night, you might surprise yourself with just the changes that creep into your life manifesting in different ways as you release and heal with Spirit

Simply put, this would look like this:

  1. Take some deep breaths to help relax

  2. Repeat the text in the attached photo (or create your own intention) ... this is inviting your team working in love and light and your highest good to work to clear and resolve issues as you sleep

  3. You can make a silent request to be shown through your dreams, messages and guidance (often these are cryptic, you may need to use a dream dictionary to help understand the messages)

  4. Set any other intentions you feel you need at the time

  5. Thank your team, fully relax and think deep and rejuvenating sleep

This REALLY makes a difference, it is not an immediate miracle cure to life but it will create positive change, thoughts, ideas and pathways that will open to you (even if you are not consciously remembering your dreams).

Through all of this I am just trying to help you be aware that you can create the change you want, you don't have to live with the belief that your reality is stuck ... baby steps, slowly adapting positive thoughts, intentions AND inviting in the higher energies aligned to Spirit to help manifest this for you. The Angels, your guides, the universal flow, all out there waiting for you to just open yourself to them.

Love and light to all, Susan x

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