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Understanding Ancestral Influences

Style is a natural extension of who you are as a person

Have you ever considered how you fit into your family line?

Have you ever thought about the routines you keep, the behaviours your have, thoughts, opinions and attitudes and how authentic they are to you versus what is adopted from your ancestors, from their experiences and learned behaviours and ‘ways’?

Have you ever gone deeper to think about illness and genetic issues?

Like consider how a person can be born into a family and certain issues are passed down. It is often put down to genetics and the mixing of two peoples genes incorrectly but what if this problem was sourced from something other than just that?

Have you ever considered how everyone in your family might pass over into death at a similar age, or from a similar condition? Or a family business that has been passed down and never really thrived?

Have you ever thought about the dynamics of how you really thrive and get along with only males or only females? Or perhaps for no particular reason there is just conflict between certain members of your family ... like, where does that even come from, where did it start and was there a source cause for this or has it always just been so?

Do you notice patterns in the generational lines in any area?

There are REASONS for this, there is a source and if you are prepared to expand your perception, to let go of what you have always been told and shown then you will start to see and understand a whole new world around you. As an energy healer and a psychic medic I work with seeing and understanding the influences of why people are in each other’s lives, why these patterns, illnesses and behaviours present. I connect to be able to energetically work to clear and release the negative ties and cords that bind you to difficult relationships, stagnancy, inability to thrive and push through the challenges to be more.

This, what I do, is so interesting, working not just energetically but physically to release the binds and the mutations in the energy and communication pathways, to evolve through mind, body and soul to manifest situations that create connections to your own higher truth, that which is linked to potential, purpose and passion, to abundance and flow in life.

It is a curious thing also, many advertise and feel that they can do ‘a’ session and all will shift. Unfortunately this is not the case. You cannot sugar coat the actuality of the complexity that is your ancestral and soul history, the layers and layers of energy that create your reality in the here and now. To work through this is a journey, it is a commitment and decision that you want to create a new world for yourself, to release from difficult relationships, mind-sets, illness, disease or what-ever it is that is not optimal in your life. I believe that if you can work in a committed fashion through these layers that all can resolve to set you back on a path of mass abundance in all areas of your life. There is no race for this to be done, there is no expectation and I always encourage those that are ready to step into this journey that it is a joint effort. Change comes from awareness, commitment to want to be different, from understanding the influences and then working with the suggestions to allow shift to come forth. Letting go of negative patterning and connecting to beneficial routines and practices.

It truly is a remarkable journey, how fast or how slow you want to walk this is up to you. When you are ready to know more you can connect to me, we can work together to find a forward path to the place you can possibly feel and see in your minds eye but cannot align to on your own. That is why I am here to help. Let me be your mentor, your guide, the one that helps you understand, release and move forward from the patterns that bind you and your family today.

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