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Why? the real truth

When you walk with purpose, you collide with destiny

Do you ever stop and just look at exactly what your motives are in connection to the way you act, the way you react and the way you create the reality that you live now.

Do you ever go deeper past the big issues even to see and understand why you might respond to your life, opportunity, friend, child or partner in a certain way, to a phone call or to a person that comes to your door?

Have you ever really stopped to think and consider what it is that lies deep within to create this path you have chosen and in turn aligning to what you do. What is it that binds you to this, to the beliefs and the to the mind-sets and attitudes that drive you to be the way you are, good, bad or indifferent.

I often do this myself, I very much look to break patterning that binds my existence, to understand the deeper reason without justification ... lets talk about justification for a moment, the 'official' meaning through the online dictionary says:

' the action of showing something to be right or reasonable'

Or in theology it states:

" the action of declaring or making righteous in the sight of God "

But what does this actually mean in plain terms for you, for me, for anyone out there!

Basically, we sub-consciously make decisions based on what we feel, think or perceive at any given time. This is generally based on beliefs forged through religion, upbringing, social alignment and experiences from this life, from your soul history. How accurate and optimal though is it to evolve on these grounds. Is the behaviour really in your own and in everyone else's highest good or is it guided by personal values and core beliefs that have been forged into your existence and then you simply 'justify' it because that is what YOU personally have been conditioned to know.

What if you could step back and see everything in the bigger picture, see all the influences of everyone's interactions that have bought you to that place at that time and then see how you making that decision and reaction in a certain way, creating choices that then impact and resound through the rest of your life, if you could just see it all mapped out in raw truth without veils.

Hmmmm. I am not sure I am very eloquently putting this forth.

The point is do you justify all you do and do you ever consider if that is based on fear, control, belief system, patterning etc. Do you make these decisions for your life based on pre-conceived thoughts and ideas that potentially just are holding you back? Perhaps this evolutionary cycle needs to be changed, break the patterning, start questioning every thought, every decision trying to see MORE. What is more?

More is expansion of thoughts, perception of the truth, is quest to succeed and evolve on all levels. More is to not accept limitations due to justifying why something cannot be achieved because of 'patterning'. To change ones reality you have to ask the question, WHY?

Are you ready for that, to change your reality, to change and expand your perception, to awaken to a whole new existence that accepts fault, releases false reasoning and just takes ownership of the path you are on and from there step into personal power, work through the trauma, the angst, the fear and create a personal journey that is authentic and true to you and to your higher potential, a real awakening on so many levels!

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