This is a compilation of all the pendulum dowsing books for sale in one place. For further details on each specific chart book please see the individual listings 

Using these books combined helps with deeper understanding and resonance, there is an index chart included to link all chart books together and to help understand what would be of most benefit for you with the intention you have set at that time.

This download includes the following booklets

  1.  Index
  2.  Prepare to dowse checklist
  3.  Chakra health
  4.  Crossing earthbound souls
  5.  Combat negative energies
  6.  Make money through removing blocks
  7.  Heal and align the skeletal system
  8.  Lost soul purpose
  9.  Discover your souls destination
  10.  How and where to heal naturally
  11.  Source and clear dark manipulation
  12.  Address sleeping issues
  13. Basic body healing
  14. Healing Emotional Wounds


NOTE: This currently does not contain the 'Missing Persons' booklet


Please note: not all booklets are pictured, please see individual listings for more details


Buying in bulk through this link is offered with a 7% discount on total price of charts, thank you for your support + a FREE chart to measure your level of consciousness, to help you continue align to be your best!
For general dowsing I recommend using the small or large wooden pendulum, for working to heal and resolve issues I recommend the large wooden pendulum as sold on this site, it connects beautifully with the high vibration energies to easily clear and resolve all that comes forth.


If there are any issues with accessing your download then please contact me for help.
Ongoing support and help with charts offered through a private facebook group that you will be invited to join, please look for links on 'invitation to connect' document.

Pendulum Dowsing Booklet's - BULK BUY


  •  - Set of 13 books + index to download.
     - Base instructions with each book for suggested usage.

     - Invitation to facebook support group 
     - Receive digitally through a download link.
     - Save .pdf file to your own computer.
     - Print via your own resources.
     - Recommended to print at 98% zoom for best results

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