An opportunity to gift someone with something so unique and beautiful 

  • If you would like to purchase this service personally please do so from the services tab


By purchasing this service you will receive a voucher that you can gift to someone else. This voucher must be used within a MONTH of purchasing or it will be considered invalid, I appologise for any inconvenience here but this needs to be clear. All instructions for booking and moving forward this session are in the download link upon purchasing. 


This is a consignment service to connect to and recognise your souls divine energy flow as channelled from your authentic light blueprint


Upon ordering this service you will make a booking and we will connect via video chat to meet, this helps me to really understand you and your energy better. From here I work over the following weeks to bring forth a UNIQUE, ONE OF A KIND piece of digital art, this is 100% aligned to your own personal energy flow, what I am seeing, understanding and connecting with at a SOUL level. The colour, the shapes, the lines, the flow of all that is incorporated will have a meaning that is unique to you.


This is TRANSFORMATIONAL in how it helps you to recognise yourself at a deeper level, to know is to be able to work with and this is then opening you to a journey, if you choose, of greater awakening in line with your own source truth.


The process

  1. Book a session at a time that is convenient to connect and chat
  2. We awaken your energy through your higher / lower chakras and ask to recognise your soul symbol ... NOTE: this is a £100 service (Awaken to Psychic & Divine Knowing) on its own outside of this session!!! This is not compulsory and if you choose not to have this done I am happy to respect your wishes.
  3. I spend the following 3-4 weeks working on bringing forth your personalised soul portrait
  4. You receive: - A high resolution digital copy to print into what format you feel is right for you at your chosen size - A low resolution copy for using on social media if you choose - A full written report outlining all I have felt and connected to


You then have the option to make another booking, free of charge to discuss what I have sent you and gain greater clarity through me verbally talking through it with you I look forward to helping you discover and be inspired by 'you' as I work through this for you


A little extra information:

144 (price of this service) is about enlightenment, it is the divine number associated with awakening to your souls purpose, understanding your mission, connecting with the light within to experience life fully. When you choose to connect to this service I work with your teams in spirit, your animals and mythical guides. It is mind body soul, it is holistic and profound, beautiful and deeply personal. 

Soul Energy Portrait & Reading


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