A chart set for those dealing with dark manipulation, control and ET abduction. To help understand exactly what to look for and where and then to free you from the hold they have over you. Clearing from the source that draws them to you, from here you can then step into greater healing and alignment on a permanent basis without ongoing and repeated issues of them controlling you.

This book collates a list of all

  • Signals - this helps to recognise if you have active transmission to dark spirits or ET's
  • Time matrix - to recognise where in time they are sourcing from
  • What is sourcing it? - understand exactly what is drawing this energy to you 
  • Where is it sitting? - where in your existence, mind, body or soul is it located and needing removing from
  • Instruction sheet to help explain basic use of using chart booklet


Everything you need in one place linked together with an index to help guide you to what you need to know.


I highly recommend the FREE index chart of all booklets available on this site to have a greater understanding of exactly where and how you need help as guided by Spirit.


For general dowsing I recommend using the small or large wooden pendulum, for working to heal and resolve issues I recommend the large wooden pendulum as sold on this site, it connects beautifully with the high vibrational energies to easily clear and resolve all that comes forth.

Source & Clear Negative Attacks - Pendulum Dowsing Booklet

    • Set of 4 x charts - 7 pages in total.
    • Set of instructions for using booklet included.
    • Recieve digitally through a download link that you receive through your email, this link is valid for 30 days.
    • Save .pdf file to your own computer.
    • Print via your own resouces.
    • For best results print at 98% zoom

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