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Angelic light code activation

  • 1 hour
  • 50 British pounds
  • Zoom

Service Description

This activation is akin to walking on clouds, to floating in a realm of stardust and miracles. Where this energy takes you is to the edge of your freest organic existence in this realm, visions that promote inspired action that lead into realities beyond what you conceptualise right now. These realities exist in this life you live, and this is the key to receiving the step by step knowing to get there. This beautiful awakening allows you to be more than you ever believed you could be as the angelic codes bless and radiate out to bring through the central sun a profound, I AM empowerment, that opens you to communicate on different spiritual levels and in turn, be guided by Angelic Teams through love purity consciousness, aligning you to your higher power, higher purpose and soul expansion. Communication pathways through claircognizance attune to the angelic realm. This means you can literally 'pick up a phone' to speak to the angels whenever you feel the need. Like all things, this is a skill that needs to be developed. The more you work with it after this activation, the faster this gift will evolve. Knowing is a powerful tool, this is how you receive so learning to trust in you is super important. After this Angelic Light Code activation you will progress into higher thought much faster than would otherwise be possible. Clarity, understanding and intuitive nudges that come forth helping you to ongoing make the correct decision that opens doors to those inspired realities of higher purpose. You are here for a reason! There is SO MUCH help around you in spirit and this is what the activation is opening you to communicate to. Note: I am smiling now, for as I say this spirit is showing me an image of putting supersonic jet packs on your spiritual development. SO PROFOUND!!! An indication of massive progress when you are guided and learning from those that know your soul in its truest form through all evolution!

Cancellation Policy

For cancellations please provide at least 24hrs notice to avoid charges

Contact Details

+44 7427075450

16 Kitto Crescent, Aldinga Beach SA, Australia

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