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Phoenix evolutionary DNA activation

  • 1 hour
  • 50 British pounds
  • Zoom

Service Description

This session is for you if you experience ongoing dense energy that is creating a mass of challenges in the way you think and feel. The Phoenix Evolutionary DNA Activation is going to help you purge through mental looping, emotional triggers and resistant karma bound in contracts and within the 'container' you were born to in this life. Your name and your birthdate hold the key frequencies to activate this energy and transform through the physical portals of self. The physical self experiences but as you shift and transform you will ripple through this evolution of letting go on all levels which will heal through the shape, structure and information network of the fabrics in all time frames looping back to you here. So, freedom of self. Opening to access higher potential through your source evolution that is your truest truth. We are creating portals of light that cut through the karmic issues, possession, resistance and creating pure light power. This is a journey that is akin to being in the ancient woods, a sacred space within the protection of majestic trees encircling a clearing. A fire burns bright and you see yourself rising up out of the flames cleansed and rebirthed within a new and purified existence. Floating in a way so divine above the fire and open to what is next as you experience freedom. Naked, new, pure and light ... pure light exploding from every cell. This is your new reality to open in any way, any form that you choose moving forward. NOTE: Activation of this WILL in most people create a physical purge to work through. This is temporary but an important part of the process.

Cancellation Policy

For cancellations please provide at least 24hrs notice to avoid charges

Contact Details

+44 7427075450

16 Kitto Crescent, Aldinga Beach SA, Australia

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