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And Remember, No Matter Where You Go, There You Are..

Updated: May 6, 2021

Chakra chart


What if just for a moment you stopped thinking with your brain. Sit quiet, listen to your intuition, to what that little voice we so often suppress (thinking we know better!) is saying to you.

Can you hear it? If not, why?

Have you also been struggling to feel well, confident or like you do not just 'fit' anywhere in your surroundings? Is your body in pain, mind not thinking with clarity?

It could be energy blocks in your chakra's which is throwing them out of balance. It is one of those things that can swing either way actually. If under-active it can leave you feeling withdrawn, lacking lustre, not feeling well and generally disconnected from the world. If over-active you will be dealing with over confidence, likely to be in everyone's face and possibly have a serious case of verbal diarrhoea to go with it!

Our chakra's are wheels of energy constantly spinning in our body. They are spread out over 7 different locations and are the colours of the the rainbow. There are a few ways to balance your chakra's, you can work through meditation, connect and balance your energy to nature, often a bath and just finding your 'zen' will help, or you can use reiki which provides you with beautiful balance, clarity and transformation - I offer this service HERE and when you book with me you can focus on a particular issue, trait or chakra that is troubling you, or address the chakras as a whole ... it is all about your intention and what you feel you need!

Other ways of finding balance are to use a pendulum. If you are looking to work with dowsing charts to help better understand your chakras I have one available HERE. You can also work with intent and visualisation, yoga, qi gong and tai chi, you could try frequencies, the way you dress and eat connecting through the colours and energy that these things bring to your vibration.


Root Chakra - red Located at the base of your spine, its energy is the desire for safety, stability, and all physical needs being met, such as food, water and shelter. When it is balanced you feel grounded, you feel as if you belong in this world. You are trusting, independent, alive and poised.

Sacral Chakra - orange The seat of procreative and reproductive energy. When balanced you are friendly, passionate, sexually fulfilled, your mood is good and you feel playful. Solar Plexus Chakra - yellow Think of solar, like the sun. The word plexus means network. It is in the middle of your body, at the area where your ribs separate. This is the seat of willpower and a great deal of energy. When balanced you will feel respect for yourself and others, you will feel confident and outgoing. Problem solving will come naturally and you will feel calm and have integrity. Heart Chakra - green As it indicates, it is located in the centre of your chest and is associated with love and compassion. Balanced it helps with a harmonious life and connects your body, mind and spirit. The feeling of being love and being able to love will come effortlessly. You will be empathetic and have a ‘contagiously’ good vibe. Throat Chakra - blue Located at your throat and associates with communication in all forms. It allows you to speak your deepest truths and be understood by others, it also works the other way where it will give you a greater understanding of what others say. When aligned optimally you are also open to communicate more efficiently your needs for 'self' and in line with teams in Spirit to help guide. This chakra is also indicative of creativity and when balanced your creative flow will be optimal.

Brow Chakra - indigo Also known as the 3rd eye, this is the centre of your intuition and helps you perceive the world around you with greater clarity. When activated and balanced this chakra will aid with meditation and knowing what your purpose is in life. It is a path of being able to positively process through sensory organs and systems and helps to integrate the mind body soul connection in the life you are living. There is an aspect here when you go deeper also that awakens your deeper memories to the lives you have lived and the lessons you have learnt. When your 3rd eye is functioning optimally you will be guided easily through signs, dreams and visions from teams in spirit. Crown Chakra - purple This is located at the top of your head and is an energy centre that connects with all your chakra's within and connects with the universe outside. What this means is you will feel connected to ‘Source’ whilst still being aware of your own individuality, a deep knowing connects you to life that is not logic but rather inspired action. You will be wiser and more compassionate when this chakra is open and balanced. Society … life … it leaves us all feeling run down and out of kilter sometimes BUT you can actively do something about it. Self care and observant recognition of how your body is feeling so you can help your self to stay in an optimal energetic frequency is a huge step in the right direction. Just by keeping your chakra's checked and in balance you will live an authentic, inspired, assertive and directed well functioning life.

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