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Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Synchronicity, an ever present reality for those who have eyes to see it

Lets talk about synchronicity. When things happen, magically falling into place at the perfect moment.

Does this happen for you?

I cast back and recall times when synchronicity was just non-existent for me. I was perhaps sub-consciously always thinking, it will get better when I achieve this, or that. It will be better when that person is helping me out or when I meet the perfect love. It will be better when this illness subsides and I feel more emotionally and physically able to manage in my every day.

You know what, lets be honest here.

This mindset is detrimental, if you are placing your happiness and good fortune in the hands of material possessions and other people, well, that is not cool.

Why wait for the 'perfect' situation all the time to start instigating the life you want. That is like having a good dinner set that only gets bought out on very good occasions. One day you look back and realise it has only ever been used 2 - 3 times over all those years. What a shame you haven't enjoyed it all that time!

I believe as a society there is too much focus on material possessions and not enough emphasis on what really matters. What is it that really matters you may ask?

In my opinion, it is the little things I believe that really matter ...

  • Taking a walk

  • Listening to the birds sing

  • Laying on your back at the park and watching the clouds

  • Strolling along the waters edge and appreciating how the sand feels under your feet, the cool of the water splashing up your legs

  • Spending time with your loved ones, your animals and appreciating the unconditional love shared between you

  • Smile at a stranger, just to brighten their day

  • Find time to just let go and laugh, to dance, create, be silly

  • Seeing, appreciating and feeling gratitude for the small stuff in life

  • Connecting to sense of self through mindful practice

  • Recognising and appreciating your own self-worth

This is what is important, this is what we take with us in life that warms our souls and gives us that feeling of contentment and joy. We need to practice being grateful, being appreciative and giving. Release the ego that says we need everything to be a certain way to be able to be happy for the important stuff comes from within.

So what else in life is getting in the way of you really seeing that synchronicity that you desire?

How about over-thinking?

Most of us have found ourselves dwelling in an over-active mind for way to much of our life ... I actually think it is quite a female trait! I always used to envision a cartoon version of my head popping open at the top because it could not contain all the over active thoughts I was trying to maintain!

Why is it we are so scared to believe in the choices that we make, to trust the relationship that we have with life? Ultimately we make mistakes but these mistakes are what lead us to grow, we must learn to flow with our own existence, and then and ONLY then will we see synchronicity and manifestation start to bless us with it's presence. Mistakes are only what we perceive them to be, don't let them distract you.

Colette Baron-Reid says 'there is nothing to fear but fear itself'.

My Hemp milk carton says 'nothing changes if nothing changes'

I love it, so logical and so true and I completely resonate with it. Let us all do ourselves a favour and step into our personal power where we believe in the choices that we make, let go of ego and let go of doubt.

Well, OK, lets be honest, its all very easy to say 'just let go' ... BUT HOW. That is the skill we need to learn. Often by the time we realise we need to learn this skill we are extremely overwhelmed by what life has been to us and feeling so low that it seems an insurmountable task to even begin!

It is big. But it's all about practice and taking baby steps forward. It helps to not look at the big picture but instead to set a goal, release attachment and just take one day at a time. If that is too big then break it down a little more. Make a decision that you will spend whatever time you can manage meditating and just practice being in your own space clearing your mind ... set a goal with a timer so you are not constantly checking your clock - start with 5 minutes if that is all you can do! ... Work to release all thoughts that are non-beneficial, all the superfluous stuff that is just noise in your head, watch it flow in and release it to flow out again not focusing on any of them, a casual observer if you will.

Just be still.

Isn't it amazing? We all need conscious retreat and you will find that in the times that you allow yourself this privilege that over time you will find personal freedom, contentment and peace.

This is a human need, everyone needs to know and resonate with these feelings!

It is when you find yourself being mindful of your own self, this moment of solitude that sanity is found again. In that sanity comes clarity, direction and in turn this leads us to be able to create good karma, welcome synchronicity's and in turn the life we truly desire.

So on a finishing note ... laugh, appreciate life and be mindful. Wake every morning and SMILE whether you feel like it or not, tell yourself it is going to be a GOOD day ... eventually you will start believing it and when that day comes you will be ever so grateful for the small efforts like this made

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