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Unlocking realities with the Pendulum


The day my partner hand crafted me my first wooden pendulum, something within my soul awoke. This, for me, was akin to being handed the keys to the Universe. It unlocked, and continues to unlock, the secrets of my past lives and spiritual travels that the conscious mind had blocked out ... blocked out to the point that my body shut down and I experienced years of Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue!

I was born into this life challenged with these illnesses, challenged with difficult relationships, with a sense of not being enough on any level to the point where I was afraid to give an opinion or shine in any way. I was challenged with ongoing difficult experiences and situations that continued to present in different ways, triggering trauma which in turn triggered the fibro and fatigue in a horrible downward cycle of everything shutting down more. Mind body and soul.

Discovering the pendulum

... and step by step persistence using EFT (tapping) and emotional healing practices saw me turn my life around. It wasn't long before my higher knowing was being heard and I started translating what I was learning into the dowsing charts now available in my store. I also have MANY more lists and notes for many more charts to come when time permits!

So, my purpose right here and now as I see it, is to bring what I have learnt to you.

If I can free myself from debilitating illness, unable to think outside of brain fog, exponentially intolerant to 80% of foods and chemicals in life ... to NOW live free of pain, free of exhaustion as a psychic intuitive healer. That, my friend, is phenomenal. I did this ON MY OWN, and through trusting what I felt as teams in spirit guided me. I bring this wisdom now to you, to learn, to grow, to feed your soul what it needs to activate into the healing response and step up and into living fully.

So, this legacy, this gift of handcrafting reiki & runic pendulums that are personally then attuned to your energy field is what I now bring to you.

I want to see you heal and be empowered to live your best life just as I did.

I had no idea, for my WHOLE life up to 42 years old, that I could even have a day without pain and exhaustion. I truly believe that with the right tools and willingness to let go and uncreate what is not serving you well, that you CAN step into living your best life.

My reality now is beyond my craziest dreams I didn't know I could dream, come true.

  1. I personally, with help from my amazing partner, handcraft the pendulums

  2. I personally attune them to your energy field

  3. I offer the opportunity to personally learn with me through mentoring at a reasonable cost

  4. SOON TO COME: mini online courses for lifetime purchase to learn the pendulum in your own time

Check out the links below for all things pendulum!!!

  1. Large healing reiki pendulums for transcending time and rebirthing your light to heal

  2. Chakra balancing, aura healing, harmonising & communication small runic pendulums

  3. Mini pocket pendulums for communicating with teams in spirit and higher-self

  4. Personal pendulum mentoring - 60 min sessions

  5. Lightcode activation of the divine and intuitive trait of pendulum dowsing & healing

  6. Powerful pendulum pendants, keeping the communication pathways open always

Let me help you be empowered to glow differently, to embrace life confidently, and to believe in you. I would be truly humbled to be part of your journey.

On my YouTube channel I have offer weekly guidance through cards, offer charts & cards tutorials (using dowsing charts with oracle cards) and other tips and information pendulum, dowsing chart and oracle card related. I invite you to subscribe and keep in touch!

Light activation of potential

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