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Chakras - Are yours blocked? Part 1

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

So on this journey of ever working toward a greater understanding, of working with people from all over the world in any and every context imaginable it has come to my attention that very few people understand the real importance of the chakra system. In saying this I am going to focus the next however many weeks it takes on working to help you understand if they are active, what they really do for you and how you can clear the blocks and strengthen them so that ultimately you are resonating at a level that is supremely beneficial for you.

What are chakras?

This seems like a reasonable place to start. They are your energy system, they connect you to all that is and all that can be with the universe and the universal energies around you. When the chakras are blocked there will be many issues that prevent you from feeling good physically, emotionally and mentally.

The most commonly known chakras people are aware of are:

  1. The Root chakra - located at the base of the spine and it is associated with the colour red

  2. The Sacral chakra - located below the belly button and it is associated with the colour orange

  3. The Solar Plexus chakra - located above the naval and associated with the colour yellow

  4. The Heart chakra - located in the centre of the chest and associated with the colour green

  5. The Throat chakra - located in the hollow of your throat and associated with the colour blue

  6. The Third Eye chakra - located in the middle of the forehead and associated with the colour indigo

  7. The Crown chakra - located at the top of the head and associated with the colour violet

and then a little known or read about chakra is:

  • The Foot chakra - located below the feet (about 30cm) and there is no colour association as far as I am aware

How do you know if your chakras are blocked?

The Foot chakra - you know this is blocked if:

  • You are having trouble manifesting what you would like into reality

  • You feel ungrounded

  • You are unfocused and lacking the ability to stay on task

  • You are experiencing the emotions of mistrust, obsession, turmoil and conflict

  • A loss of love and luster for life

The Root chakra - you know this is blocked if:

  • You feel like you do not belong, you are not worthy of being a part of anything or everything

  • You are constantly struggling for money, in debt and cannot make ends meet

  • You struggle with body issues including your weight and accepting your body image as it is

  • You are displaying behaviours of moodiness, low self-esteem, you may become phobic, resistant and willful (bossy)

  • You will feel sexually inadequate

The Sacral chakra - you know this is blocked if:

  • You feel you are always being judged by others

  • You believe that sex is bad and that it can hurt you

  • You feel like a victim constantly, unable to move past what feels like the wrong doings of all those around you where their actions seemingly impact you negatively

  • You experience emotions like being overwhelmed, phobic, mistrustful, envious of others around you and an emptiness that cannot be filled

  • You are very hard on yourself experiencing constant mental abuse from the standards and thoughts that you impose upon you

The Solar Plexus chakra - you know this is blocked if:

  • You are constantly giving your personal power away to others thinking you are not enough

  • You suffer with anxiety and this presents itself within the stomach area as pain and discomfort

  • Your self-esteem is very low leaving you often feeling like a victim and powerless to do or achieve what you want

  • You constantly worry and cannot say no to people due to your low self-esteem

  • You may be very timid

  • You cannot break the habit of biting your nails

  • You may suffer with anorexia

  • You cannot accept yourself for just who you are and as a result constantly ridicule and put yourself down

I hope you all find this helpful and next week we will focus on the Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown chakra. I will emphasize again just how important it is to recognise and work with your chakras, your energy system. This is a constant with the ordeals of daily life constantly bringing us new challenges and energies to take on and deal with. Stay tuned over the coming weeks to see how best to work with and manage this for yourself.

I would also like to offer to those interested a low cost service I provide to completely unblock and balance your chakra and energy system, raising your vibration and leaving you feeling good. I highly recommend if you have never experienced this that you should give it a go!

Have a great week and I hope you have all learnt something new here today!

how to balance chakras

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