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Chakras - Are yours blocked? Part 2

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Last week we started with a series of blogs specifically on chakras. Few realise the importance of having your chakras functioning at their best possible level and how it can either hinder or help you depending on exactly what is going on with these energy systems within us. Below I have recapped some of what was covered, outlining the chakras we are focusing on, where they are within you and how to know if they are blocked. This week we will proceed to cover the heart, throat, third eye and crown chakra.

What are chakras?

Just to recap from last week, they are your energy system, they connect you to your potential and all that is and all that can be with the universe and the universal energies around you. When the chakras are blocked there will be many issues that prevent you from feeling good physically, emotionally and mentally.

The most commonly known chakras people are aware of are:

  1. The Root chakra - located at the base of the spine and it is associated with the colour red

  2. The Sacral chakra - located below the belly button and it is associated with the colour orange

  3. The Solar Plexus chakra - located above the naval and associated with the colour yellow

  4. The Heart chakra - located in the centre of the chest and associated with the colour green

  5. The Throat chakra - located in the hollow of your throat and associated with the colour blue

  6. The Third Eye chakra - located in the middle of the forehead and associated with the colour indigo

  7. The Crown chakra - located at the top of the head and associated with the colour violet

and then a little known or read about chakra is:

  • The Foot chakra - located below the feet (about 30cm) and there is no colour association as far as I am aware

How do you know if your chakras are blocked?

The Heart chakra - you know this is blocked if:

  • You are afraid of commitment

  • You are feeling the need to constantly please others to be accepted

  • You experience jealousy toward others relationships and circumstances

  • You feel that you are constantly a victim, you are perceiving abuse where there is none

  • You are a narcissist

  • You experience and live with obsession, paranoia, phobias, mental exhaustion, being self-centered, self-critical, self-pity, suspicion and/or worry

The Throat chakra - you know this is blocked if:

  • You have issues with expressing beliefs, thoughts, desires and opinions

  • You deal with illness and physical issues within the throat area constantly

  • You are always indecisive

  • You make inappropriate choices

  • You find yourself constantly repressing your own opinion thinking it is not worthy of being heard

  • You are a compulsive liar, feeling that you cannot voice your own truths

The 3rd Eye chakra - you know this is blocked if:

  • You constantly have a bad attitude and feel moody

  • You are very stingy, you have difficulty giving of yourself

  • You have the inability to perceive goodness in anyone or anything

  • You are very willful, stubborn and are not willing to compromise to work with others

  • You are disconnected from your intuition

The Crown chakra - you know this is blocked if:

  • You feel fearful of situations, circumstances and people

  • You have an inability to see your own self worth and this creates an underlying jealousy for those around you

  • You have issues with a belief in a higher good, you experience emotions of anger and abandonment by the Divine

  • You can't move past a deep set feeling of disharmony, doubt, inferiority, repression, shyness and timidity

  • You deal with self-loathing, unable to find acceptance in who you are

This finishes outlining all the side effects of blocked chakras that we will be focusing on at this time. If you or anyone else you know deals with these things outlined on any level it may start giving you a deeper understanding and clarity into what is going on. Our internal energetic flow is so important for good health with the body, mind and soul. There are many meditations available for working with the chakra system, and don't forget your own personal team of angels that are more than happy to work with you to see you functioning at the best you possibly can, all you need to do is ask!

Take advantage of the offer below to completely unblock and balance your chakra and energy system, raising your vibration and leaving you feeling good. I highly recommend if you have never experienced this that you should give it a go! This is a great way to initially clear and balance your system for you to then continue to maintain it through meditation and with your angels.

Have a great week and I hope you have all learnt something new here today!

how to balance chakras

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