Chakras Unblocked - Part 3

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Over the previous 2 weeks we have taken a look at recognising when your chakras are blocked. This week we are going to move forward from there and discover what you can actively do to open those chakras, stimulating them and opening yourself to the energies and benefits of feeling great every day.

What are the best ways open your chakras?

We are going to go through a a series of different ways to activate and help your chakras function more effectively. None of them are difficult and often it just takes an open mind to think, fair enough, I can do that ... and for your own good with the goal of clarity, peace of mind, contentment and balance just give it a shot. Most of what we will look at in the following text is how colour association can help the chakras, also positive affirmations. When working with positive affirmations you can pin them up on your walls where you will see them often, in the fronts of books, perhaps on the screensaver of your phone. Others may work better with using affirmations that are tied in with music, that imprint your mind through an upbeat tune as you read through them. You can find a lot of this on youtube.

The chakras we will be looking at today are:

  1. The Root chakra - located at the base of the spine and when open and balanced you will act with humility, optimism, you will be tolerant, unselfish and self motivated. You will have a sense of belonging and have good clarity in dealing with physical matters of the world

  2. The Sacral chakra - located below the belly button and when opened you feel balanced, brave, open to new experiences and positive.There is an understanding and self reliance that creates and internal sense of worthiness that then radiates out to the world

  3. The Solar Plexus chakra - located above the naval and when open you feel calm, content and at peace with who you are, in your own self. There is an inner security and relaxed strength about you that can not be found from any external influences

  4. The Foot chakra - located below the feet (about 30cm) and when open and balanced you feel grounded and secure, focused to get things done in an organised and timely manner


How to help unblock your Chakras:

The Foot chakra

  • Look at your feet while walking, this is a great grounding exercise and gives that level of your self a presence and subconscious understanding of belonging

  • Emotions to encourage when working with the foot chakra

  • Fascination - for where you are and what is around you, notice the details

  • Jubilant - understanding that your presence here is no accident, you belong and in such you embrace and open yourself to the opportunity to feel the joy of all that is because of you being here, in this place, in this moment

  • Wonder - imagine you are like a child that is seeing the world for the first time and how incredible it is, appreciate how fortunate you are

  • Empowerment - Today I will take steps to create the life of my dreams. I will be careful of my thoughts for I know they become my words. I will be careful of my words for they become my actions. I know my actions become my character and my character shapes my destiny. I have the poser to make right choices. My choices create my life.

The Root chakra

  • Wear red clothing

  • Wear red jewelry and use red crystals in your environment

  • Use red bed linen, home decor etc

  • Drink red drinks

  • Eat red foods

  • Play with children and connect with your own inner child

  • Get out into nature, do the gardening, yoga on the grass or beach etc

  • Empowerment - Today I will connect with my inner power and be bold. I will rise up and know my worth. I banish all uncertainty and remember with pride my accomplishments. I will let no one diminish me. I embrace the strong, beautiful presence that I am and I will go forth with courage.

The Sacral chakra

  • Work with the colour orange

  • Gemstones

  • Jewelry

  • Home decor

  • Flowers

  • Drink orange drinks

  • Eat orange foods

  • Immerse yourself in water, a bath, shower, the ocean or swimming pool

  • Tantric sex, the touch, the feel, the music all combined in that moment

  • Work on creative projects