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Spirit Animal - Blue Whale

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Spirit Animal - Blue Whale
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The blue whale, connecting to this energy has shown me pathways to expansion and higher truth. What a pleasure to resonate and draw him at this time, to evolve my own perception and understanding of what it truly means to connect to his energy and have him work with you.

Like the physical presence of the Blue Whale his energy is also magnificent and huge, it is power and presence and transformation. When you work with him (or her!) you connect to a deeper truth and ability to evolve your own higher consciousness, it is a flow and a gentle expansion that can come forth and bring a greater sense of independence and personal power. You are connecting to the purest form of elemental energies channelling through you to cleanse and clear deep emotional pathways. These trapped and suppressed emotions in the physical and energetic body can bring profound blocks, illness and disconnect from spiritual truth so working with the Blue Whale may initially create emotional release but evolve this to open to that sense of stability and knowing, self-love and confidence.

The Blue Whale is a master of disguise in that its presence you feel is unimaginable but in truth, in Spirit this creates doorways and opportunity for you to work with karmic clearing. He is ancient and timeless, expansive and gentle, there is a quiet sureness, security about every calculated movement and flow that comes forth. Working with intention to release your karmic past, accessing through portals that perhaps you are not aware of but can open with his help ... this will lead to create so much more abundance and vision in your own future.

Past, present or future, call on the Blue Whale and be prepared to let go and open to a new you, meditate and evolve with his spirit and presence, feel safe stepping up and into new beginnings that transform your alignment to the life you now live, to your future and to your soul purpose.

Recapping in short the benefits of connecting to the Blue Whale:

  • Helps you connect to expansion of consciousness and perception

  • Creates opportunity and connection to new beginnings

  • Assists with karmic clearing

  • Assists with emotional release and resolution

  • Forges pathways to personal power and confidence

  • Opens pathways to more efficient communication

So do not hesitate, if this message is timely in coming to you today, if everything within you is going 'yes!' then take some time to yourself, allow yourself to connect and work openly with the Blue Whale, to feel what I felt when aligning here and to watch that positive change come forth!

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