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Spiritual Meaning of Ants

spiritual meaning of ants

The spiritual meaning of ants is one that opens to progressive communal effort within higher thought.

When the Ant enters your energy field you are being guided to recognise that now is not the time to go it alone. When you dive deep into this thought to consider what that truly means for you, then you begin to recognise with greater clarity the steps that need to be taken next in life.

The ant individually is tiny, it is almost obsolete in the impact it has, yet when it is surrounded by the colony, its potential to produce and output in a like minded goal is phenomenal. The strength that lay within this tiny insect, multiplied by the colony that is working synchronistically for the greater good means that there is no 'impossible' ... there is only the next step and working together to get it done.

So where and who are the community that is calling to you:?

What does this mean for you?

Some questions to consider here:

  • Is the community the Ant spirit guiding me to physical relationships?

  • Am I being shown to connect more with my ancestors?

  • Is it the light beings guiding through spirit teams that are wanting to be recognised now?

  • Are the wisdom fragments of my own soul returning back to me in a way that elevates my consciousness so who I am 'now' exists as the eternal 'all' of my soul experiences?

  • Is this a combination of all of the above?

  • Or a mix of just a couple of the above points?

  • Is there something here that hasn't yet been considered that I need to recognise?

Awareness is key to letting go of the attachment of where you have been in a singular mindset to allow the positive growth and awakening of the colony that is your personal support team in whatever context that means for you.

Take a breath, deeply within your very core allow the life force of that breath to awaken what is needed and as you let that breath go imagine it transcending through the networks of consciousness like a calling card that says ' I AM READY'.

When the ant shows up in your energy field you know something more is awakening. This is bigger than just you, it is a coming together of the colony of support structures that awaken a higher purpose that the light of your soul has been asking for.


  • The ant brings openness through community efforts to succeed

  • Expect sensitivity shifts, knowing and psychic awakening through sixth senses

  • Self-empowerment develops through the coming together of soul family

  • A time of great prosperity is coming forth through the networks of souls coming into your mind body soul presence

  • A cleansing of mental and emotional attachment that releases the 'individual' and adapts to greater expansive thinking

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