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Spirit Animal - Golden Lion Tamarin

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Spirit Animal - Golden Lion Tamarin
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This little guy, he may look serious but he is as much about monkeying about as they come, this week I have been fortunate to work with his energy as I draw the next card for my animal messenger deck.

It is quite surprising really for in stature he is only a little guy (or gal!) but in spirit ... oh, the courage and the foundations he can help you build are evolutionary. Consider where you want to be and then call on the Golden Lion Tamarin to help you connect and work with all the resources at your disposal. There is no part of who he is that lies latent so if you are looking for ideas, connections and personal truth to help you grow and evolve then this is who you need to call.

He is on a quest in life to create an image that is larger than the logical perception allows through working with commitment to family he manages to find opportunity, a strong support system for those he holds close so you can imagine his commitment to help you grow into your vision and truth when you call on him and connect to his spirit.

He will teach you how to see the lighter side of life whilst keeping absolute balance and formulating the next step in the road ahead. There is a unique clarity and forthcoming connection that opens when you involve the Golden Lion Tamarin in your meditation and life. Through this clarity you will see the blocks before they come allowing you to plan ahead, avoid and connect to a better path. He will show you when you need to share your progress thoughts and ideas, your resources and when the time to hold them close is upon you also.

Be sure, connecting to the Golden Lion Tamarin is a treat, be open for what will come forth, let go of pre-conceived thoughts, ideas and just be open to flow and create a connection that is powerful and .... that word again, evolutionary!

The Golden Lion Tamarin in short:

  • Helps to connect to mental clarity, thoughts and ideas

  • Aligns you to the lighter side of life whilst still getting the job done

  • Will help you see blocks and issues before they become a problem

  • Helps balance humor with getting the job done

  • Shows you how to be 'larger than life', self belief and understanding on finding your highest potential

  • Will connect you to evolving yourself and the community you need to be a part of to make what you are doing happen

What is not to love here, if you are looking for clarity, working on ideas and want optimal growth and opportunity to awaken for you then this is definitely who you need to be aligning to at this time!

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