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Spirit Animal - Puma

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

Spirit Animal - Puma
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The Puma, also commonly known as the mountain lion, cougar and panther ... this is a powerful ally that opens to aligning you to evolving your sense of self and connection to focus and motivation through clearing and cleansing of your energy field.

He (she) has a remarkable way of helping you to connect to your 'other' vision and senses, the ones you use to psychically see, hear, feel, the knowing and alignment through the spiritual veil. The Puma will help you to connect where otherwise you are blind, and will help you to defend and align to higher beings to clear and cleanse dark energy, spirits and consciousness that are manipulating around you. He is a true warrior of the light that can be called on at any time.

Working with the Puma will help to align you to a stronger sense of independence and personal confidence, to understand your own uniqueness and how to work with this, to express to others who create conflict that you are the truth that you put forth, you stand strong and will evolve this evolution within and around you, not to be intimidated or put down by others who reside and connect through ego and lower vibrations.

Through this amazing energy you will learn how to diversify your own truth and authenticity, to expand on where and what this means for you, you will open to trust and resonate with new ideas and thoughts that come forth, and to work with them confidently connecting to the focus and motivation, to the patience and ability to create your future as you see it in your minds eye. This energy aligns with time management and thinking outside the square, to control in diversity, to staying on task and yielding results.

The other remarkable gift the spirit of the Puma can offer is to help those souls who have passed to Spirit but remain earthbound ... he helps to release and cleanse the negative energy that holds this soul in limbo, helps to create pathways to heal and open to those souls then moving into the higher realm for more complete healing and resolution with Spirit in love and light.

To summarize the Puma and the gift he offers as a spirit animal:

  • Helps align to a more confident sense of self

  • Is a powerful companion to eliminate dark spirits, energy and consciousness

  • Teaches diversity, to see outside the box

  • Helps with focus, motivation, patience, time management & staying on task

  • Can assist to clear earthbound souls of negative energy, to create resolution for them to then cross over

There is a lot of benefit from connecting to this powerful spirit animal, when you align with him you align to find a quest to succeed, through the clearing he helps on this level you will find progression can be quite profound in all you are and do as aligned to the intention you work with.

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