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Spirit Animal - Octopus

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Spirit Animal - Octopus
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I must say, when I drew this octopus I honestly thought never in my days would it look like this, I love how he came forth. They are such creatures of evolution in the way they function, evolve and move in their environment. They are smart and and work in a way that is productive and beneficial always. They use all their senses and abilities aligned to obtain optimal results in all they do. So lets look at how the octopus can help you when he (or she) aligns to you in Spirit.

The Octopus connects you to deeper perception of your environment, of what is around you and how all this can come together to help you achieve the results you want, he connects you to problem solving and how to forge pathways through working with what is at your disposal to create what you need. It is kind of like connecting to suddenly see what you couldn't before, just being able to make it work with the tools and knowledge you have. Thinking outside the square and creating something amazing with that.

When aligning and working with the Octopus you connect to the circle of life, there is a profound connection to purpose and making that happen in a short space of time. You will find thoughts, ideas and information come to you that helps you align to higher thinking, to resonating in a place that puts you in line with the people, places and situations you need for fast expansion.

With the Octopus by your side you will learn diversity, be empowered by connecting to your soul purpose without binding yourself purely to one thought, you will create new alliances and an ability to expand business, potential and purpose through realizing and being presented with much opportunity through alignments that come forth.

Through emotional balance the Octopus will help you to to be motivated, to be courageous, an achiever, be self-disciplined, interested, a visionary and a transformer of your own reality, he will help you be a warrior, charming, opportunistic, flexible and open-minded ... such brilliant qualities all aligning you to where you want to be in life!

Recapping the Octopus if brief:

  • Helps open you to how to work with what you have to get the best results

  • Evolves your ability to diversify

  • Shows you how to think outside the square

  • Empowers you and manifest fast growth with potential

  • Connects with ideas and creativity

  • Aligns you to emotional balance for success and personal growth

So, if you want to be somewhere, achieve something and cannot at this time seem to find your way to that place, invite in the octopus, recreate your own reality and open to limitless opportunity and potential coming forth

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