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Spirit Animal - Grizzly Bear

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Spirit Animal - Bear
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The Grizzly bear, he (she) is a powerful ally and opens much promise of aligning to a version of yourself that is more connected to your truth with mind, body and soul alignment.

When you connect to the energy of the Bear you are forging pathways to releasing toxicity. To put it simply, this is the energy of purification and detoxification. Through working with the Bear you will see and understand more of what your body and soul need, it all interlinks for as you venture down one path you will find how it leads you into another just seamlessly.

When the Bear is with you he is going to help you find a diet that doesn't just needlessly feed the body but the diet that will nourish the body, through this you will find pathways to optimal health and with that will come a new clarity and sense of self, you will find you open to better skills with multi-tasking and connection to your intuitive thoughts. You will through this clarity want to start 'de-cluttering' your environment opening better energy flow and again ... all creating a situation of optimal mind, body and soul alignment.

Bears are excellent communicators and don't mess about with negative relationships, if it is not beneficial it is just not on! Connect with his energy to help resolve negative patterning in relationships, connect to soul family and find pathways to release those that are not beneficial and create opposition for you.

With the Bear by your side you will be protected from negativity, a fierce opponent if crossed but the most gentle and giving if aligned in the right context. Evolution of a relationship with the Bear in spirit will find yourself being able to stand up for what you believe, will help you speak your truth and create positive outcomes where your highest potential lies.

To recap the qualities of the Grizzly Bear spirit animal:

  • Helps with detoxing and purifying

  • Will align you to a diet that is beneficial

  • Open pathways to clear thinking

  • Optimizes communication skills

  • Creates a feeling of empowerment and personal growth

  • Helps release toxic relationships & align to soul family

Now is your time, embrace this energy, invite the Grizzly Bear Spirit into your space and connect to a higher potential within yourself today!

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