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Spirit Animal - Dove

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Spirit Animal - Dove
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Drawing the Dove just flowed for me, the energy and connection just beautiful, the Dove is a gift and a portal to connecting to the very essence of life and truth, it is deeply associated with the element of air and aligns through this to ones breath. Through breath we connect to oneness, to 'ohmmm'.

To connect to and align with the energy of the Dove will see yourself finding your way through trauma and negativity in a way that is gentle, opening you to create pathways to clarity, expanding perception and higher perspective. The Dove helps you to find time for you, to connect to the activities that are beneficial to create this change, activities like meditation, qui gong, tai chi or simply to focused breathing exercises. If you suffer with anxiety and panic then connecting to this energy is highly recommended.

There is definitely a process here when aligning to the Dove, that willingness and desire to slow down and find balance, without this initial awareness to want to create the change you will struggle to connect. When you do make the commitment you will realise that you can achieve more by doing less, you can actually evolve your ability to honestly evaluate situations, connect and align so much easier to creativity and intellectual flexibility, transformation and change aligned to thoughts and actions.

This higher perspective will very much help you to set realistic goals that are achievable, create harmony within yourself and how you view life. You will find over time you simply radiate with a deeper and more honest truth that is you, the gradual releasing of negativity and toxic alignments dissipating as you align through the dove to the element of air, of breath, of very existence in all its beauty.

To recap in short the benefits of connecting to the Dove

  • Helps to purify and release negativity

  • Aligns you to 'slowing down', to better balance in life

  • Connects you to activities that create a sense of oneness

  • Opens to clarity of thoughts, creativity, transformation

  • Appreciation, abundance and higher perspective will open to you

If you feel you are ready for this then welcome the Dove into your space today, align to its energy simply by asking and being open to the change it can bring forth for you.

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