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Spirit Animal - Cobra

Updated: May 6, 2020

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The Cobra has been very forefront of my thoughts this week and despite my best efforts I have not quite managed to finish this drawing to bring him to life ... still, I believe that we embrace the present and we can work with that, how lovely the surprise when you can connect with him (or her) in the messenger animal deck fully complete :)

When the Cobra comes to you, this energy that comes from him is remarkable in its strength, in its ability to connect you to positive change through aligning you to the earth energy. The element of earth flows through this spirit animal in a way that it can really ground your energy and help to let go of the feeling of being scattered and at a loss ... those situations where you need more speed and less hurry, the Cobra is awesome to connect to.

The earth energy and alignment that happens when you connect to the Cobra really helps to open to transformation, imagine how the snake can shed its skin and evolve from that. This is where you will find yourself, letting go of what is not serving you to find the direction and truth you need and evolve your soul, connecting, attuning and aligning to your higher truth and souls destiny.

The Cobra will help through grounding to open you to clarity and unwaivering focus, to connect to ideas and thoughts which open pathways to fearlessly pursue your goals with a deep knowing and connection to how to achieve them. There is nothing to worry about with the Cobra aligned to you for when there are perceived blocks he will undoubtedly help you clear these to find the path to where you need to be.

In short, how the spirit of the Cobra can help:

  • Ground your energy for focus and clarity

  • Aligns to ideas & thoughts to pursue goals

  • Open pathways to significant transformation

  • Finds connection to higher truth, evolution and souls destiny

  • Clears blocks and issues on pathway to goals

If this feels like what you need right now then do not hesitate to invite the spirit of the Cobra in to work with you, it is nothing short of a profound and rewarding experience.

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