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Spirit Animal - Wolf

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Spirit Animal - Wolf
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This guy, a personal resonance I have with the wolf and a journey we share together, a bond and alliance that is so beneficial and helpful in connecting with my soul purpose and truth ... so lets look at exactly what can you align to when you connect to the energy of the Wolf.

Soul family, the Wolf is all about the pack, he will help you connect and align to your soul family, those that you can beneficially grow and evolve with and find you highest truth and ability to achieve in this life. Your soul family, when aligned and connected to you, as a whole together your perception grows, they help you open your mind, your thoughts and see things differently to what you would without them. Working with the spirit of the Wolf to send out that call to find and align to these other souls is invaluable and brings a feeling of being more ... where you may not have ever fitted in before he will connect you to those who are your truth and where you do 'fit'.

The Spirit of the Wolf helps you work with your psychic perception, he aligns to help you with interpretation of the information that is being received and as such opens you more to your spirit team to work in finding pathways to intuitiveness and connection to divine gifts, to working with and learning to use those gifts in line with your own uniqueness and individuality.

Another valuable trait that will bless you when aligning to the spirit of the Wolf is an ability to see all sides of the story, to understand the balance and flow of what unfolds around you, the connection to moderate and perceive conflict and difficulties in a way that allows you to forge resolution to issues where before you would have become involved in a way that is toxic to you. He opens you to a bravery to do what is right for you, to create a future that is a quest to succeed rather than stagnancy and dissolution, confusion and loss.

At times of the full moon it is optimal to connect with the Wolf spirit, to work with him to send out the call for your souls truth, connecting to your potential and opening possibilities where before there was none. The moon holds the power and presence of a unique energy that creates new beginnings, don't be shy, call on the spirit of the wolf, send that energy out into the universal consciousness then release attachment and expectation and just open to everything to flow where and as it needs for you.

In short, how the Wolf spirit can help you:

  • Helps you to find and connect to your soul family

  • Expands your perception to evolve your personal truth

  • Interprets the messages from your team associated with psychic awareness

  • Assists in learning your divine gifts in a way that is unique to you

  • Opens to understanding how to work with and resolve conflict

  • Creates opportunity for personal growth mind, body and soul

Don't hesitate, the spirit of the Wolf is abundant in generosity, love and light to help challenge and connect you to where you will be at your very best!

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