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Spirit Animal - Elephant

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Spirit Animal - Elephant
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The elephant, such a majestic and wonderful gift in the animal kingdom that when aligned in spirit can open you to values like integrity, determination, insightfulness, open-mindedness, originality and self-reliance.

The Elephant will connect you efficiently with interpersonal awareness, the ability to manage change and work with persuasive communication, to be thorough and flexible in what you are doing and working to achieve.

There is a profound connection to the elements of earth and air and with this opens pathways for expression as noted above that is authentic in its truth and in its potential to help you evolve to be the best you can be.

When the spirit of the Elephant is around you there is a release from the stagnancy that has been imposing on you, you will find that those communication pathways open not just with an ability to understand yourself and in communication with others but also to connect, see the signs and work with Spirit more completely.

There is an ability to release ego and non-beneficial character traits that hold you back, these qualities literally stampeded away in a flurry of earth and air as it rises and manifests opportunity for cleansing, releasing and change around you.

With all this resolving, the alignment coming forth from the presence of the Elephant you then can step into and embrace personal power and with this forge a pathway to your own evolution in confidence and an unexplained knowing that you are moving in a direction that is totally right and authentic to your own truth

In short, recapping the spirit of the Elephant:

  • Opens you to positive values and connection to awareness and personal truth

  • Manifests the elements of earth and air for grounding and cleansing

  • Helps to create optimal communication pathways

  • Releases stagnancy and sameness to help evolve perception and beliefs

  • Aligns to personal power and authentic truth

Open now to the wisdom of the Elephant, just open to flow with this energy, to release resistance, negative patterning, to ground and find a place in your own reality and in this, just allow you to ascend to new potential!

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