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Spirit Animal - Roadrunner

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Spirit animal - Roadrunner
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A unique animal the Roadrunner is, a challenge to draw also but I admit, I am really happy with the way he came forth and presented to me.

When the spirit of the Roadrunner blesses you with his presence it can really help you with those active thinking pathways, with the ability to put together the pieces of all you know and create a vision and purpose from that which will work to bring positive results for you. Don't be shy to actively ask for help, when you do the amazing qualities bring stronger and more resilient thought processes and all this really does align to you. If you you have been struggling to keep up with the activity, to move through all the busyness then this is the guy (or gal) to call on.

The Roadrunner also opens you to a unique quality to be able to better articulate and express your thoughts, to be able to use this to teach others, mentor perhaps in areas where you have an understanding and want to share, the passion and purpose will drive you to a level that unites the ability to think, network, create and communicate all super effectively.

Working with the Roadrunner can also potentially open you to greater awareness and brings forth, due to the ability to think faster, be clearer and put all the pieces together, skills in line with organisation, scheduling, managing, working with crowds and plan management. There seem to be no limits to the capacity to open to when aligned with the Roadrunner when it comes to cognitive processing and putting that into action where and how it can best benefit all.

If you are in a situation where you deal with illness that impacts your mental aptitude and ability to process information easily then please, take a moment to connect with the Roadrunner and to KEEP connecting to push the boundaries and open to possibilities that may forever lay latent otherwise.

In short, recapping qualities of Spirit guide, the Roadrunner:

  1. Opens you to advanced cognitive processing skills

  2. Aligns to higher-thinking and networking of ideas to create vision and purpose

  3. Can create positive change for those who struggle to mentally process thoughts

  4. Evolves understanding opening possibilities and potential

If what you are reading here switches on a light for you, if you suddenly realise this is part of what you need on your journey to evolve to the next level then take time daily to centre your energy, to just silently put a thought to the Roadrunner asking for help and alignment where and as you feel you need.

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