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727hz Frequency Healing

Updated: May 24, 2023

Sound frequency 727hz

727hz frequency healing ...

Working with the frequency of 727hz will assist to release stuck density that is held in your energy body and pathways. It is important to realise, that like the physical body transcribes information at a genetic level to bring health and well-being, mental and emotional balance, the energy body's communicate similarly through the consciousness of what has been experienced in its evolution.

So to step back and realise that when we talk about breaking down these densities, they are what exists as emotional wounds, ancestral imprinting from trauma, karma that ties through cords and belief structures … and so much more.

When you set an intention to release what you are experiencing at any given time, then allow yourself to listen to this frequency it is going to literally transcend you through time (consciously or unconsciously) to release from the seed point of that block, and then ripple a healing effect updating back into this life you live now. This is why, when you continue to be persistent to work with this healing frequency, the impact of the release and re-calibration into ease, grace and flow becomes more pronounced.

727HZ is particularly beneficial for:

  1. Releasing present life trauma & the ties through your souls history that link to that

  2. Overcoming emotional / mental triggers linking through that trauma

  3. Resolving the influences that create restlessness so you can better exist in and environment of inner peace and contentment

  4. Eliminating those pesky creative blocks so you can fully immerse your self through your imagination where thought becomes assertive action

  5. Overall optimising pathways of expression, problem solving and communication that is within the physical cells (creating a healing response) and through the levels of energy body (creating a healing response) - the more free flowing high frequency energy there is flowing through the energy body's, the greater the physical body's capacity to heal is

ⓒ Susan Green - #healwithairmeith



Activate this powerful frequency through Anahata codes to alchemise the density into freedom of the soul. You can read more about Anahata codes and programs --> HERE <--

  1. Place you right hand on your heart, you left palm facing up and repeat:

  2. I ask for, allow and activate the assisting frequency of 727hz

  3. Then repeat this number 7 times:

  4. 528 727 528 727

Each digit is pronounced individually, and the spaces are slight pauses (like words in a sentence). Conclude by placing your left hand over your right (on your heart) and breathing in and out deeply with gratitude.

End with saying “It is so”

These codes can be used in a plethora of ways to help you step into the light and magic of manifesting the life you want to live. Physically, mentally, emotionally and psychically. You will be taught how to receive exactly what you need, when you need to heal any ailment, misalignment or karmic resistance. You will be shown how to jump timelines so you are literally excelling and magnetising your best life. Learn more about the different programs offered



This booklet takes the guesswork out of what energy to use for any specific intention at any time

For example:

  • What do I need to gain more clarity in my mental / emotional / intuitive thinking?

  • How do I heal the digestive issues I am experiencing?

  • How do I permanently overcome headaches, migraines and / or brain fog?

  • How do I move into greater hormonal balance to regulate my body functions?

  • How do I help my child with expressing more effectively?

  • What do I need to help heal this relationship?

  • How do I connect with greater abundance mind body and soul?

  • How do I release the creative block I am experiencing?

  • What do I need to help psychically protect on a daily basis?

Your intention will guide you to what you need. These are just an example of questions you could ask!

Below is the index to 43 pages of dowsing prompts that will guide you to what you need through this pendulum dowsing booklet. It is invaluable on so many levels. Link directly to the chart from the picture below OR through this link here ---> PURCHASE THIS CHART BOOK <---

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