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What Pendulum do I need?

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Inspiration, Inspiration, Inspiration

(As my awesome soul aligned friend says to me ALL the time!)

Here, through this set of 6 charts you can pendulum dowse for the information you ACTUALLY need. I love clarity, I love the guidance that comes when you allow yourself to be in unity with your higher purpose.

NOTE: Link to resources to purchase what you need below --> HERE <--

Where to start - step by step to say and visualise:

  1. Centre yourself with a deep breath in, hold it, and release fully

  2. Imagine placing yourself above the earth, above the atmosphere in a bubble of light

  3. In this place far above, just breathe, let go of all expectation, thought and attachment to outcomes

  4. Then, when you feel ready to receive, state:

  5. 'I invite in through the love purity & crystalline consciousness my teams in spirit, my higher-self awareness to guide me now'

  6. Proceed then to ask questions using the charts below, and your pendulum.

  7. I suggest questions starting with:

  8. 'What intention should I be setting that my conscious mind is not yet recognising?'

  9. Then move onto:

  10. 'What pendulum is going to help me best achieve positive outcomes with ease?'

  11. Then move onto:

  12. 'What pendulum dowsing booklet will provide the information needed to work with my intention at this time?'

You can repeat these steps as many times as you would like with your own specific intention, or exploring what your teams and higher-self guide you to needing to recognise.

See below for how to use this chart set.

To use this chart set:

  1. Start in the top right corner after you have prepared your space and are ready to receive, holding your question firmly in your mind.

  2. If your mind keeps wandering, write your questions and what you are shown down on paper so you have a visual to work with.

  3. You will be guided to a chart (1-6), so scroll through to that page.

  4. Hold your pendulum over the black half circle, and allow yourself to be guided to what you need to know. When it has shown you a prompt, state, is there anything else?

  5. Continue to do this until the pendulum swings onto 'check index'

  6. Dowse the top right corner index for what page is next, and repeat steps 3 - 5.

  7. You have all the information you need when you are taken to 'done' on index in the top right corner.

  8. Thank your teams and higher-self for the help received

  9. Take a deep breath and review the information you have received.

  10. YouTube walkthrough of using this chart --> HERE <--

Resources and links to purchase products:

Note, there is an extensive crystal chart list (12 pages of crystals listed!) in the 'How and Where to Heal Naturally' booklet if you would like reference to the type of crystal pendulum to use

To purchase the above chart booklet above to keep handy with you, it is offered in my store for a super low price. Download and keep for reference in your own resources, thank you for supporting me!

To read more about pendulums and learning about their frequency including using the Bovis Energy Meter chart --> HERE <--

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2 commenti

Susan Green
Susan Green
07 giu 2023

I am super happy that it showed up at the right time for you Gail!

Mi piace

Gail Terry
Gail Terry
07 giu 2023

Thank you for this. I was just asking Jill about pendulums. I am very interested in getting a nice pendulum. Have a great day!🩷

Mi piace
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