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Journey into Self-Love & Awareness

sunset with woman making magic
Journey into self-love

How will your story affect the world at large?

How do you know what your story is if you do not reflect and truly explore the inner most parts of yourself?

If you do not ask the questions and gain the clarity that opens the mental and emotional doors to new thoughts, realisations and truths about you?

How do you even know these things need to be explored?

And lets be honest, you can't see what you can't see so you may wonder what the point of even trying is?

These are all valid questions and thoughts, but the heart is a powerful energy and it has a direct connection to the sense of something more. It is that niggle of knowing that you believe in you (or at least you WANT to believe in you), that there are deeper aspects of yourself waiting to awaken if you can just find the keys to open those doors.

Opening the doors ... this is the journey. When it comes to truly knowing you it is not a quick fix, you don't just open the door and you are done. It is an exploration and recognition of different healing and well-being modalities, ideals and concepts helping you to look through different windows of your own soul to see the bits that have been hidden.

As a Psychic Energy Healer I can help to create exponential shift in the mind body and soul, to heal out of the karmic anchors that have trapped you into a cycle of loss and activate into vitality, joy, love and abundance. In saying this, these sessions that I offer and the work I do is amplified limitlessly when you, as an individual soul, embrace a journey of self-exploration in tandem with what the energy sessions are unlocking.

I have personally walked this journey of self exploration, and continue to revisit what I learnt and understood along the way to more deeply know ME. Knowing who you are, what you need - these times of reflection taking you on a journey that is guided in freeing the mind through 'play' help to let go of the active mind that normally dictates and instead, experience through the heart.

The psychic tree
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What comes forth is a personal masterpiece of recognition of who you are each and every time.

It is not about perfection, it is about appreciation of your own truth.

Part of my journey and learning these tools has come through self-awareness prompts and exploring unashamedly through the eyes of my truest light. One can only do their best on any given day but through this process of journeying, through self-awareness prompts and a mixed media journal to write, draw, paint, paste, scribble and express in, it becomes easier. Your intention being cast out that YES, you are ready to know you and to this, your teams in spirit and higher-self respond bringing the thoughts and ideas as you settle in to the beat of a drum, some earthy chanting maybe and the willingness to try.

This is the WHY of the session package 'Journey through the Medicine Basket' and the collaboration of inviting Yara Gibbs, a talented spiritual channel and Shamanic Medicine Woman, on board.



Over the years as I have worked to learn how to effectively journal through self-awareness prompts with Yara I have connected inwardly in many unexpected ways. The ability to feel something, visualise and bring that forth flows effortlessly now, where once I would worry, internalise and just be lost for what is next. Between the energy sessions through myself to clear the 'fog', and the journaling and shamanic sessions with Yara, I have personally stepped into my abilities and sense of freedom within self to a level that I never expected.

This is what I would like to bring to you now through my collaboration with her.

Consider this a stepping stone into your potent potential!

I share with you a snippet below of my personal self awareness journey - in expressing this there is some vulnerability being felt, but I trust that where I have been, and what I bring forth from that, will assist you now. Many blessings on this journey to you!

The question is, what will your journey look like?

I invite you to connect to read more about what Yara offers

Or check out our combined package plan offer

In much love and gratitude,


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