The benefit of hardships

The world is your oyster, IT'S TRUE! We can all achieve whatever we like with the correct mindset.

For years I struggled against what felt like the whole world. I felt like I was waiting for my break, for that 'lucky' year to come along. Unfortunately when you just wait and carry on with the same ole same ole it just doesn't happen. WE make it happen. We all come here to this earth with a purpose and some are lucky enough to find that early in life whilst others like myself go from trial to trial feeling lost and out of place till one day, it just works. My theory is that from all the trials we have, we learn the lessons we need and this then gives us the power to embrace our real self. From here we grow, evolve and manifest the path that we are meant to be on. Suddenly our mindset has changed and abundance blesses us on a daily basis. Inwardly we feel more successful, feel more connected, feel like we fit. This then spirals out to attracting more positive energy from the universe and hence we have some very positive momentum.

At this point we should all congratulate ourselves. It is an amazing moment when you find yourself here, like a happy conclusion to that chapter of your life leaving you with a great sense of satisfaction and understanding for your own journey.

Take some time here in this place you find yourself. Enjoy where you are at. Review your life and allow yourself to let go of situations that feel burdensome. I have loved the pathway that I have been on. Waking every day looking forward to what it may have to offer. Feeling grateful for where I am and the people in my life. I have and continue to let go of emotions, situations and past habits that are burdensome and no longer serve me. Its almost like taking a long bath, cleansing completely inside and out so we can best continue to roll in this positive energy with the Universe. Abundance rewards us when we constantly look forward, be grateful for what we have and serve our true path to the best we can.

Now, I find myself here, living on the other side of the world. It is all upside-down to what I grew up knowing and there is still so much to learn BUT I feel successful in what I have achieved. I worked hard to get here, to accomplish all I have at this point, which is not at this point monetary but personal freedom. Living without pain, without constant overbearing fatigue, releasing the past and looking forward to and living with success in my personal life and business is, in my opinion, a powerful motivator that will continue to help me accomplish all that my life purpose has set out for me. I aspire to help all that want to be helped in any way I can. I will continue to share and if at any time there is something that rings so true for you and you want to know more, just contact me through my Facebook page or website.

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