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Spirit Animal - Beluga

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

The spirit energy of the Beluga, an animal that connects you to others, to situations and to potential evolving through that. The spirit of the Beluga works through he element of water but also the element, to a lesser extent, of air. The chakras here feel associated to the throat and to the solar plexus though I definitely feel that resonance of connection through the 3rd eye also.

What does all this mean in literal terms though??

Basically when you have the energy of the Beluga helping you it opens you to positive communication and to being openly receptive to receive. It is a higher guidance creating a beneficial path through social channels to open you to opportunity and growth. Often in life, past experiences and relationships can leave you feeling very sceptical over something coming forth that is different and possibly out of the blue. The Beluga can help to moderate this through creating a higher knowing and understanding of what is coming forth.

The Beluga is also amazing in the fact that he helps to release and heal from traumatic and deep emotion that often leave you unfocused and unable to express yourself clearly. The element of water is an amazing energy to help with the release and balance of emotions so when you imagine this flowing through your throat chakra you will connect better to positive expression. When this flows through your solar plexus you will connect more with your own personal sense of self and how you fit in the world. Combine this with that energy that flows with the air element and you will suddenly realise you have much greater clarity and capacity to connect in line with that higher knowing.

It is truly amazing to break it down and see how the different energy and flow of the elements and chakra energy truly impact on who we are and what we are prepared to be receptive to.

In short, recapping the energy of the Beluga:

  1. Helps to release negative rumination of the past to open to new opportunity

  2. Connects to people and places that are beneficial

  3. Creates clarity through higher knowing and ability to effectively express that

  4. Opens you to clear thought and focus to achieve

The energy of the Beluga spirit is remarkable and a powerful ally to help you, especially when starting a new business, entering new social circles or trying to create a network of people and energy around you that is aligned to your higher purpose. Embrace what he (she) can offer, call on the Beluga and ask for help if you feel you are ready!

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