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Spirit Animal - Camel

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

The spirit of the Camel is remarkable, in life it is known as a desert ship and in spirit it brings this quality to help you through the elements of earth and fire, most predominantly. The Camel is one that can help you when you feel all is lost, that you cannot find your way and all is so bound to fate that you can't go on. It brings the energy of resilience, that something more to help you find the strength to embrace forward movement and believe in self against all odds.

The Camel is an energy that helps you to journey into those places that are desolate. In life and in past lives there are many situations that leave you in a space of feeling like you are bound on one path unable to move forward. The Camel carries with it the tools to exist as YOU, to grasp that inner something that connects you to remember your truth. It is like it has helped to hold safe all that is the dearest parts of you through eternity waiting for when you are ready, patiently continuing the journey forward by your side.

When the Camel blesses you with it's presence in spirit you can expect a shift in the way you are connecting to life. As the parts of yourself that were believed lost awaken back into your energy field, connect you to realise and understand that something more about you. It is awakening on such a deep level and integrating the knowing of who you have always been with who you are now. It is a 'becoming one' with yourself and living your best life.

Another amazing quality of the camel is its ability to ward off negativity. You may suddenly feel inspired to work with affirmations, be more positive through thought, speech and the way you treat yourself. You may find yourself looking for more balance in your day and an ongoing spiral of inspiration that, one step at a time, aligns you to move from the desolate place you have been into existing more fully.

Trust the process when the camel comes to you. It will have its ups and downs but ultimately it is lending you the strength and the path back to the highest version of you possible.

In short, the Spirit of the Camel:

  • Protects the deepest parts of your truth through your evolution

  • Awakens the soul to be able to step back into a higher truth

  • Supports through times of great difficulties

  • Journey's through time with you, holds the keys of resilience

  • Can help one step into positive progress connecting back to life

So if the Camel comes to you, know that your life is stepping into a new space. Embrace this! See past the ups and downs to know that the karmic shift is happening that will bring growth and new understanding and meaning to life.

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