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Spirit Animal - Chimpanzee

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

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The Spirit of the Chimpanzee, a beautiful energy that feels to work through the elements of the earth, the air and fire predominantly. It brings with it an energy of adaptability and creativity opening you to see outside of the box, expanding perceptions to achieve in ways you may not have otherwise thought to do.

When the Spirit of the Chimp comes to you expect a shift in the way you work. There is a sense of fun with the opening to 'let go' of the sameness and step outside the box to open to a more efficient and productive way to do things. It connects you to evolving in ways that you perhaps did not even realise you needed and at the time it may feel like absolute chaos BUT when you sort through the shift and change you will realise that you are on task and managing in a way that is much more efficient and organised.

The energy here also feels quite creative so you may find that you are thinking thoughts and connecting to inspiration in a way that is not the 'normal' way to do things. You need to know that it is OK!! You are not like anyone else and the spirit of the Chimp is simply helping your realise your own thoughts and aspirations authentically to express in a way that opens you to know your own truth better. Everything has a learning curve. Give yourself time when this happens to embrace the journey, to connect to the Chimpanzee for the knowing and guidance, to realise that you are in a place you have never been before and new roads walked on the soul journey mean expansion that is profound and in line with a higher destiny. So beautiful.

The Spirit of the Chimp is gentle, loving and attentive. Resonate in this as you step forth with it and enjoy each part of what comes forth. Open to receive opportunity and good fortune as it blesses you. Your personal vibration is likely to rise when working with the Chimp for it is all about joyful change, fun, cheeky little innuendo's that are going to leave you thinking and possibly puzzled as you connect to this quest of change and expansion. Remember to breathe. Nothing changes if nothing changes and stagnancy is not what the Chimp is about!

In short, recapping the Spirit of the Chimpanzee:

  • Expands your perceptions to see and understand more

  • Connects you creatively to ideas, new thoughts and efficiency

  • Brings a sense of mischievous joy into your life

  • Opens you to question the routines and patterned behaviours that are not working for you

  • Invites you onto a path to SUCCEED in life

Be brave, be fearless, be curious, be adaptable and find your personal authentic spark. It is an adventure that will surely prepare you for such wonderful things to come.

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