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Spirit Animal - Dolphin

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Spirit animal - Dolphin
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The Dolphin is one of those creature that invokes a sense of wonder, of fun and love for life, their laugh is infectious and their ability to brighten your day is undeniable. I don't think I have ever seen or heard of anyone that is not thrilled to be around a Dolphin!

In spirit the Dolphin is a symbol of love, life and peace, a unity that evolves to create connections to emotional health and well-being and that aligns to a deeper knowing of you in your truth and essence. The dolphin working through the energetic frequencies connects us to our senses that unwittingly help to manifest a better awareness of self and of others, in the living plane and with those that may have passed into Spirit already.

When you connect with the Dolphin it will open you to the realm where the feminine energy resides, this is a doorway to emotional understanding and a connection to broader perceptions and truth in association with life, love, family and children, this builds a closeness in relationships that lends itself to joy and expression, to releasing stagnancy that too easily binds us to normality and loss through forgetting to appreciate those around us, through neglecting to see the details and hence disconnect from the little things that are important.

An alignment with the spirit of the Dolphin will ring a fierce protectiveness over you when it comes to those you regard highly, for your family and children. The flip side of the carefree joy is this underlying strength and capacity to see through the opposition and fight back for what you know is right!

In short, recapping the spirit of the Dolphin

  • Helps you to connect to a sense of wonder, appreciation and love for life

  • Puts you more in touch with a sense of self and what is going on around you

  • Will bring forth an inner strength that perhaps you were not aware of

  • Opens you to your protective side

  • Helps you to understand how to work against opposition in relationships

What a beautiful soul and existence this spirit animal opens us too, such a balance across the board that will really just see you maximising all that is around you!

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