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Spirit Animal - Flamingo

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

The Spirit of the Flamingo is a gift, it seems so fragile yet holds it's presence firmly in the spirit realms. It has an energy that associates with the north and south, and works through the elements of air and water predominantly.

So what does this mean for you when connecting with the Flamingo?

This is a journey of self discovery, of recognition, cleansing and finding clarity to step up and into personal growth and expansion. The Flamingo is associated with cycles of the soul, the highs and the lows that you experience to keep moving forward. The Flamingo is helping you to embrace the past, recognise the future and yet be present through this shift and change. This is a huge achievement and in doing so the clarity and understanding that will flow intuitively as the ties to emotional trauma and resistance resolve to create change will be seen and open you to expanding consciousness.

The energy here is opening you ever more in the most profound way to self-discovery, learning about you and what your truth is. It is about not wandering aimlessly lost, yearning for something else, or taking on so much so often that you are in a constant anxiety and overwhelm unable to cope. The Flamingo will assist in you being assertive, proactive in creating your best life. One that sees you finding balance and a sense of safety in your own personal space. When you recognise your own value it helps a lot with not just giving and appeasing others but also receiving and filling your own cup where and how that needs to happen for you to live your best life.


When you allow yourself to fully 'become' with the spirit of the Flamingo you will connect to opportunity and soul family, you will see the vision and potential of all you possibly could be, and in that, the intuitive guidance to live in a way that you manifest this with the community that builds around you on this path of growth. The details of life, of relationships, of the highs and lows become clearer. You potentially stop living reactively and start living assertively. The Flamingo is such an adaptable and profound animal to have around you and there is no doubt that a deep, beautiful and profound metamorphosis is taking place when it does.

In short, recapping the Spirit of the Flamingo

  • Connects you to the cycles of the soul, of life

  • Opens you to rebirth your beautiful divine truth and sense of self

  • Assists you in finding balance with giving and receiving

  • Aligns you to the community that is your soul family

  • Helps you expand consciousness and be present

So, if the spirit of the Flamingo is with you at this time you are blessed. It will have its ups and downs but the most beautiful rebirth always exists after a storm. Embrace and be witness to the journey that is your souls truth for from this you will learn to fly.

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