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Spirit Animal - Giant Panda

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Giant Panda, messenger animals oracle cards

The Spirit of the Panda is a blessing in how it connects with you through the elements of Air and Earth. This combination enables it to help you find a connection to inner peace and a sense of tranquillity that comes from an assured sense of knowing who you are and how you fit in the world.

When you align with the Panda you may initially experience some inner turmoil and resistance. This is simply the energy rising that is blocking the path to move forward. It is the shadow work that needs to be addressed to help you move into a place of assertive proactive thoughts that then connect to the path of healing. It can be a confusing time but it is important to recognise what is happening, to accept and allow the universal flow of energy to help you let go and open you to then exist in a place that moves through the turmoil to an 'upgraded' alignment of life.

The spirit of the Panda is an undeniable energy when it connects. Close your eyes, open through your crown chakra to receive the love here. It is not unusual to feel a wash of tingles as you breathe a mindful breath to consciously connect and he lets you know he is present and helping.

You will find it is easier to release attachment and let go of what is blocking you. Often this is ones own thoughts and mindsets - this is exactly where and how the Panda connects to help you actively, consciously, assertively step up and into thoughts that empower you to move forward. You will find that you are suddenly seeing options, having thoughts, ideas and conceptualizing pathways that before never came to you or made sense. The Panda is helping to reset and rebuild the inner alignment and truth through these areas that inspire and motivate you to exist in a space that is more open to receive.

The Giant Panda in spirit exists in the higher elemental realms, it opens you to good fortune, to prosperity and heals the karmic resistance and wounds so your soul can remember its truth. It is in this place that true tranquillity, oneness and growth to step into and exist fully happens.

In short, recapping the spirit of the Panda

  • Releases chaotic energy that negatively impacts on thoughts, ideas and pro-active inspired action

  • Opens to exist in oneness through resetting personal alignment to inner truth

  • Connects you to good luck and good fortune

  • Helps you to see the path forward to create the change you need

  • Positively grounds your energy, energizing you mind body and soul

So, take time, when the Panda is with you to consciously connect and invite it into your space. Exist fully in this energy and be ready for a shift, to embrace life more fully through inspired, assertive action that connects you to your authentic and divine truth.

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