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Spirit Animal - Humming Bird

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Humming bird
© Susan Green -

The Spirit of the Humming bird brings with it the energy from the element of air but I also feel a connection with the element of fire here. Its energy, when it connects to you seems to resonate through the higher chakras bringing with it the ability to help with quick thinking and clear mental processing. This is obviously invaluable in so many parts of life from the most basic level of getting up and managing your day efficiently to being able to connect and understand in meditation and mindfulness your own higher intuitive thoughts and make sense of them.

To call upon or to be blessed with the presence of the humming bird visiting in spirit brings a path of healing that is within mind body and soul. It is a healing that integrates through cognitive and mental processes and how they evolve through brainwaves and consciousness. Perhaps this sounds confusing but all you need to know is that this relationship is one that is ALWAYS beneficial.

For those that are dealing with physical, emotional or mental imbalances the humming bird can help to bring stability back to the hormonal and enzymatic processes. This connects to digestion, mood and sleep and in turn manifests a path to feel better about yourself. You will find with ongoing connection with the humming bird you will feel more alert and capable, you will feel a new sense of inner strength and the ability to quickly change thought processes, routines and situations to better work with the flow of what is going on around you.

Your ability to connect to details, to feel connected to all that is beautiful and realise with gratitude the gift of what you have around you. Everything in life will have the potential to be on an elevated positive scale when the spirit of the humming bird is with you. You will find you connect to a continuity and new endurance in life that was not there previously.

In short, recapping the Spirit of the Humming Bird

  • Helps to heal imbalances within the physical body

  • Creates a positive connection to mental clarity, focus and faster thinking

  • Opens to appreciate the gift of life, to see the value and beauty around you

  • Connects you to continuity and the determination to achieve

So now you know, when you see or feel the humming bird around you good things are on its way. Be open to change, to letting go of the fog and heaviness to truly make the most of this gorgeous bird blessing your presence.

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