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Spirit Animal - Koala

Updated: May 11, 2023


The spirit animal koala connects to you through the elements of air and earth. It is an energy combination that helps to open to greater clarity through knowing when to take time and balance to heal self in rest. It is an alignment of unashamedly being who you are in your own skin, unique and assertively knowing in that truth and clearly existing in a space of higher thought to open the path to personal growth.

In these times of rest and reflection that the spirit of the Koala opens you to you will find that the conserving of output energy on day to day life is in fact being fully used within your mind body and soul to expand the deep roots of authenticity into a place of drawing from the elements, the purifying of the soul at levels you cannot conceptualize. It is expansive, unseen but also very real in the way it helps you to resolve the toxicity that has blocked you to this point.

No matter where you have been, what you have experienced or done in this life, or what you hold deep within your own karmic enslavement, the spirit of the koala is telling you now that the support you need is with you to create the change aligned to the intentions you are setting. Let go, release your grip on life and surrender to a place of deep stillness. This is not a punishment, how you are feeling, this is a symbol of growth, it is the connection of you remembering and awakening to more clarity and abundance through allowing yourself the grace to heal.

Sit in meditation with the koala and as you do evolve the element of air around you, ground your energy deep into the ancient core of the earth and as you do, open to receive. Be reflective, conscious of the images and experiences you connect to through this. See your own connection to life on this planet expand through the roots that extend into the earth, how these strengthen and the conscious awareness will help you realise the ancient 'latent' energy that has been waiting for you all along. This is your true power, your inner strength and divine grace awakening within you.

In short, recapping the Spirit of the Koala

  • Helps with healing through recognition of taking time out without feelings of guilt

  • Opens to deeply ground and connect to parts of self that have been latent till now

  • Works to resolve toxic alignments in these times of rest

  • Deepens connection to higher thought through meditation

  • Aligns to the ancient forces of deeply grounding and creating clarity from that

When the spirit of the Koala visits you, take the time you need. Be open, be willing to let go for a while and in that space unashamedly let yourself 'become'. The path through is rough but when you get to the other side of this place you will reflect favourably to realise the abundance and higher truth you now exist in.

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