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Spirit Animal - Lemur

Updated: Jan 29

Lemur spirit animal
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>> See the magic of the Lemur being drawn here <<

The Lemur is such a fascinating little fella and his energy feels so 'fun' for a better way to put it. He associates with the lower chakra's, the solar plexus and the sacral, and he also associates with the throat chakra. Elemental energy that flows with him is predominantly earth but I also feel the presence of air there.

When the Lemur comes to you, or you request it's presence you connect to a grounding and clearing that connects to a more positive sense of self, this in turn helps to open you to more positive communication, thoughts and expression ... very powerful if you are working to turn your life around using positive affirmations and manifesting your reality!

This sense of fun that is held with this energy helps you to just let go and relax, this is so important for that mind, body and soul health and well-being. Being more relaxed, open and aware of yourself consciously you find you will be able to speak your truth in a productive and positive manner

The Lemur is a huge help if you are feeling oppressed and anxious in social situations helping you to step out of your comfort zone and express yourself, to let go and to freely be a part of all that is around you without inhibitions that normally hold you back.


If you are working spiritually and looking to connect more fully to your inner child then the Lemur is a fantastic animal to call on, with that intimate connection he has with the lower chakras he can really help to open and align you to release the shadow aspects to help create karmic resolution from experiences in past lives that continue to hold you back or come forth in repeating cycles in the present.

In short, recapping the Lemur

  • Connects you to a positive sense of self and personal appreciation

  • Opens you to be more fluent and conversational

  • Helps with social situations to 'fit in'

  • A fantastic energy to help with inner child healing

If you are ready to step forth into a more positive sense of self, ready to start manifesting your reality to be assertively proactive instead of reactive then take time to connect with the spirit of the Lemur today!

>> See the magic of the Lemur being drawn here <<

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