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Spirit Animal - Lion

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Lion spirit animal
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The power and the presence of the spirit Lion; this powerful animal in life is similarly powerful in spirit bringing with him the energy and flow predominantly of the element of air. Around him is also the elements of earth, fire and water and this combination forges pathways to really manifest a shift that can awaken on all levels emotionally, physically and intellectually.

When you connect to the spirit of the Lion you connect to an energy that will open your personal power, like a kundalini awakening. It activates a cleansing of deep emotional trauma and imprinting that essentially if left untouched can manifest into a loss of sense of self, have you withdrawing into your own space and feeling fearful, anxious and worried for all that is or could be.

The channelling through the element of air helps to purify the resonance of not just you but how you connect to the world, to other people and this is the amazing thing about stepping up and into the next level of your own reality. It is never just about you but how you perceive yourself and in relation to the life you live. Through the combination of all elements and the presence, the strength of the spirit Lion you balance and heal finding a new sense of confidence that opens your assertive can do attitude. Once this outlook is adopted it will flow through to the way you feed your body, your soul, your day ... it impacts on your speech, your beliefs and your higher self alignment.

Call on and work with the lion when connecting to new opportunities, to situations that you feel anxious about. Consciously realise the emotions and the connection to the situation and express through intention the desire to release and move forward from this. You will be guided, shown a way to be more than you thought you could be, to connect to your soul family and the expansion that awakens with that truth of your soul. You will be shown the way to build a community around you that is not fearful of what you represent but rather leads the way to unveil the potential there.

In short, recapping the spirit of the Lion:

  • Assists in releasing deep emotional trauma creating separation and anxiety

  • Connects to personal power and an assertive 'can do' attitude

  • Aligns you to your soul family

  • Releases stagnant energy within the soul awakening you to your life

Is this the change that you have been looking for? Have you perhaps been feeling the lion around you and wondering what it means? Now is your time to embrace your truth, to step up, to awaken to a more beneficial alignment for your soul and its purpose in this life.

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